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NADM 5314

Health Care Law and Ethics

Three semester hours, theory only.

Current legal and ethical issues related to the nurse executive in complex systems are studied. The course is structured to present theories of ethical practice and law related to health care delivery. Issues related to disclosure and confidentiality, provider relationships, exclusive contracts, restrictive covenants, and social issues such as the provision of uncompensated care, are examined. Federal, State, Labor, Natural, and Health Care law with associated ethical rights, responsibilities, and obligations of the practicing nurse in a complex and changing health environment are examined. Learners will develop a framework for working through increasingly complex legal and ethical issues that affect all members of the health team. This framework and broadened perspective will help practitioners recognize and respond to dilemmas and risks within diverse health care settings and provider roles. An overview of regulatory action associated with ethical considerations of the legislative and judicial processes will enable learners to become familiar with changes affecting the health care system.

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