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Visit UOnline or the Schedule for the latest published schedule of courses for the upcoming semester (Spring courses are typically listed by mid-November, and Fall courses are typically listed by mid-April).   If you are an undergraduate student, you must select courses that start with the digits 1, 2, 3, or 4 (1 being the 1st year of studies, 2 being the 2nd year, and so on). Most incoming under-graduate students will select courses starting with a 3 or 4, since that is when US university courses start to specialize in a certain studies area.  Graduate students must select courses that start with the digit 5.  Please ensure that you meet any pre-requisites that the course may offer.

Undergraduate students must enroll for a minimum of 4 courses, maximum of 5. Graduate students must enroll for a minimum of 3 courses, and a maximum of 4. Registration will normally take place upon arrival of the student. However, we will make an effort to try and register you prior to arrival and communicate the status of this registration to you via email. You WILL NOT be able to register on your own, since we waive your tuition and fees as per an exchange agreement.

Students must purchase study books in the US, and can be quite expensive. You should budget about $500 for books per long semester. You may be able to re-sell these books at the end of the semester to the bookstore or other students to recover some of your monies.


Purchase Health Insurance

All international students must have health insurance coverage while attending TAMIU. The premium cost for the Texas A&M University System International Students Basic 50K Plan is $291 per semester and $175 for Summer 2011.  Although equivalent insurance plans will be accepted (before August 8, 2010 for Fall, January 2, 2011 for Spring, and May 1, 2011 for Summer classes), TAMIU encourages students to obtain the University-approved Student Health Plan based on the Plan’s comprehensive nature and reasonable cost. No exceptions are being made for materials received after the stated deadline.  NOTE:  Effective Fall 2011 the TAMU System plan will be mandatory.

Students deciding not to purchase the University-endorsed plan, must purchase alternative health insurance coverage. The alternative plan must have “equivalent coverage," meeting all requirements below and be presented to International Student Services (ISS) located in PH 301.

1.  Medical benefits of at least $50,000 per accident or illness
2.  Repatriation of remains coverage in the amount of $7,500
3.  Medical evacuation coverage to one's home country of at least $10,000
4.  A deductible not to exceed $500 per accident or illness.

5.  The health insurance company offering the policy must have one of the following ratings: a Best or Standard and Poor's rating of at least "A-"; a Weiss Research Inc. rating of at least B+; an Insurance Solvency International, Ltd., rating of at least “A-1” and be backed by the full faith and credit of the student’s home country government.

6.  Provide the policy in English through a certified translation using U.S. Dollar denomination.

You must insure that the policy remains in effect during the period of your enrollment. Failure to maintain adequate health insurance coverage is a violation of the Texas A&M University System policy, and will disqualify you from using the Alternative Insurance Option in the future.