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Cost is of primary concern to students.  We want to make study abroad accessible and financially affordable to as many students as possible.  Our study abroad programs vary widely in cost, depending on the type of program, inclusions in the program (on-site director, excursions/field trips, meal/housing stipends, etc.), length of stay, and program location.  When considering cost it is important to remember: 

  • In many cases financial aid may be applied to finance study abroad 
  • Scholarships for study abroad are available.  Review our scholarship page and find brochures in our study abroad library
  • The costs to some programs are comparable to what you would pay would you live on the TAMIU campus 
  • Make sure you compare all costs when selecting a program
  • While the total financial sum may seem as a huge amount to you, consider it to be an investment in your future – one that will have many benefits in your future academic, professional, and personal life

In close coordination with the Office of Financial Aid a policy was established to make the financial aid review and award process for study abroad students efficient and flexible.  In addition, study abroad scholarships are available to eligible TAMIU students to continue to promote and increase study abroad participation. 

Financial Aid

As a study abroad participant going on a TAMIU-OIE approved study abroad program, students may qualify for federal, state, and institutional aid.   Disbursements are made directly to the student.  Students must register for a full-time load, and meet all Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy requirements in order to continue receiving financial aid.  It is the student's responsibility to know all scholarship requirements and to ensure these requirements are being met.

Paper work process

Students must complete and submit a FAFSA (free application for federal student aid), Financial Aid Folder, and in conjunction with the Office of International Education (OIE) a Financial Aid budget for Study Abroad to the Office of Financial Aid (OFA).  The budget is used to adjust the financial need of the student, and must be signed by the OIE Director. 

Recommended deadline to provide the budget to the OFA:

If applying for Fall - by May 15

If applying for Spring - by October 15

The student will register for study abroad courses through the OIE.   A registration form with a copy of the Academic Advisement Form will be submitted by OIE to OUR for registration. 

Recommended deadline for registration:

If applying for Fall - by June 1

If applying for Spring - by November 15