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The Lamar Bruni Vergara & Guillermo Benavides Z Conference Poster Guidelines

Poster and Art Display Guidelines

1. Size and Display    

  1. Posters will be no larger than 4 feet high x 4 feet wide, excepting for printed paper posters (i.e. ones you can roll up and put in a poster tube) which should be as close to 36 inches high x 48 inches wide as possible.

  2. Easels/and or sticky tape, foam backing boards, push pins and binder clipswill be provided to display or hang posters/ artworks

  3. Tables furnished upon request for items not able to be displayed on easels


2. Contents

  1. Title (use font no smaller than 48 points)

  2. Author(s) (use font no smaller than 36 points)

  3. Abstract (use font no smaller than 22 points)

  4. Text: include the following:

    1. Introductory statement

    2. Summary of the project (give the information and data required to support your conclusions, if applicable)

    3. Enlarge any Photographs and/or Figures included in the text

  5. Poster Design Templates, Poster Development and Poster Printing


3.  Poster session requirements

  1. Posters must be set up at least thirty minutes before the poster session

  2. The authors must be present during the entire poster session.

  3. All posters should be removed after the poster session

  4. Attire should be business casual