Phase V Construction Update

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Dear TAMIU community,

Last week, Mr. García, Dr. Corti, Dr. Garippa, Mr. Gentry, Dr. Jones, and I attended the 100% review of Phase V, the kinesiology facilities, in College  Station. The plans are truly wonderful, and we hope to be ready to go out for bids by late May or early June. The bidding environment seems to be not so favorable as it was when we built the science center, but we are still a couple of months away from seeing those figures.

The matter of most interest to us all, the legislative process, continues to unfold. Final versions of the Senate and House appropriations bills have now been published.  We stand to gain approximately $4,000,000 more under the Senate version for the biennium, or $2,000,000 per year.  Dates for the conference committee to work out these differences have not been set. It is important to remember that the process continues until the Governor signs the bill. In a nutshell, adoption of the House bill would be terribly unfortunate for Texas  A&M International  University.      

I am firmly committed, as our first priority in the new budget year, to provide for the best possible merit pool and for additional faculty positions.  The budgetary process for FY 2006 will again be delayed pending some firm sense of funding for next year.

At the Board of Regents meeting last week, I had the pleasure of recommending Drs. Blackwell, Chadwell, Law, McReynolds, Jyotsna Mukherji, Ivy, Pirtle, and Salinas for tenure. While this part of my job is always a joy, I was especially proud to present these eight outstanding professors. Board action was swift and positive.

Next week we greet the SACS reaffirmation team. The new processes have put in place policies and procedures that will transform our institution. The QEP is especially vital for our growth, and the culture of measurement and assessment have transformed the way we plan and execute every part of university life.

All of you have had a part in preparing for this visit.  Mary, Jeff, Verónica, Mario, and Susan have been especially diligent in bringing all the pieces together for the final documents. I know you join me in thanking them for the exemplary job they have done on behalf of us all.



Ray M. Keck, III
Professor of Spanish
Texas A&M International University
5201 University Boulevard
Laredo, Texas 78041