Yesterday's sad events

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Yesterday's sad events

The University is saddened to learn of the senseless tragedy that transpired yesterday at Virginia Tech University and joins the nation in expressing our condolences to the families of those killed and injured. While it is difficult to prepare for a tragedy of this magnitude, our University Police join those across the nation in working diligently through training and educational programs to prepare as much as possible.

Among those safety considerations, programs and initiatives in place are the following:

  • Our campus is firearm-free.
  • University Police include 14 full-time officers, with regular patrols scheduled throughout the 300-acre campus, including classroom and office buildings and on-campus housing.
  • The University has a fully developed Crisis Response Plan and Team in place, regularly tested.
  • University Police routinely participate in training in evacuation and crisis situations, including mock drills and events.
  • The University has designated emergency/evacuation contacts for each building and has dedicated communications programs in place.
  • The University Police work closely with other law enforcement agencies in the community and remain in regular contact through dedicated communication on and off campus.
  • A dedicated system of emergency phones are located across campus and can place the caller in immediate contact with police at any time.
  • The University maintains inter-agency relationships with other State agencies and A&M System campuses to further enhance its response capability.

What we're doing today:

  • University Police remain on heightened alert on campus
  • Distributing on-campus email stressing our response capability and posting same on website
  • Testing address systems and reviewing emergency response plans
  • Making counseling services available for students
  • Accelerating our planned utilization of an emergency notification system that has the capability of contacting students in five different communications efforts
  • Considering an on-campus observance this Friday.

Again, a senseless tragedy of this nature can never truly be anticipated, but we believe that advance preparation and a total commitment to diligence can create as safe a campus atmosphere as humanly possible.

For your part, please remain vigilant. Should you see any thing that appears suspicious, please do not hesitate to contact University police at 326.2100.

Most sincerely,

Ray Keck


Ray M. Keck, III
Professor of Spanish
Texas A&M International University
5201 University Boulevard
Laredo, Texas 78041