Tutoring Myths

Tutoring Myths

Reason #1: I don't need tutoring because I'm not in academic difficulty.

Our program is broader than trouble-shooting or remedy-seeking. ULC tutoring is designed to enhance your learning--even if you are an "A" student. Learning is enriched if it takes place in a social context where you can test your understanding in dialogue with others. Everyone can benefit from seeing how others view things, hearing responses to one's own ideas and the ideas of others, and receiving encouragement from one's peers. Tutoring gives you a place to assume the role of instructor as well as learner; and it introduces you to a network of other students. Of course, if you are having trouble understanding class material, tutoring is a fine place to seek assistance. We know that people sometimes feel stigmatized when they ask for help, but it's important to recognize that you don't need to handle everything alone. Working with a tutor does not detract from whatever you accomplish.

Reason #2: I don't want to depend on others.

Tutoring sessions are designed not only to strengthen your academic skills, but to cultivate your confidence and self-reliance. Tutors will help you articulate your ideas, not impose their own. They will help you view your work critically and guide you to look for options. Tutoring sessions are student-centered. We encourage you and the tutors to discuss expectations, to examine the tutorial relationship, and to work on that relationship as you work together on academic material.

Reason #3: I don't have time for tutoring.

Time is at a premium at the university. The quarter system is demanding. Tutoring will help you get started quicker and become more organized and focused, all of which should generate enthusiasm in your work.

Reason #4: I had a bad experience with tutoring.

Perhaps you have had a bad experience with tutoring. That does happen. Things can go wrong in human relationships. Maybe it was a personality conflict, or perhaps your expectations were different from the tutor's. Whatever the reason, we urge you to try tutoring again. Bad experiences are the rare exception in our program.

Reason #5: If I want tutoring, I can use my friends.

We think it's good for you to get together with other students and encourage you to do just that whenever you can. But we think you'll find it useful to develop a relationship centered on tutoring. For one thing, friends may not always be available; or such sessions may have more of a drop-in quality to them than a sustained one. An ongoing tutorial relationship, with a trained tutor, guided by the ULC`s educational philosophy, offers you an avenue to academic excellence.

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