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Registration Process

If you have already met with your advisor and are ready to register for courses, here is a quick 6-Step Guide to get you registered!

1Login into Uconnect

Visit Uconnect and sign-in using your username and password.

uconnect login screen

2Access Your Student Services

On the My Apps page, click My Records located at the top, right-hand side of your screen.

hold navigation in uconnect

3View the Student Services Homepage

On your homepage, you’ll have access to: Academic Records, DegreeWorks, Registration.

hold navigation in uconnect

4Check Your Holds

Select Academic Records located on the list.

hold navigation in uconnect


Certain holds prevent Registration. Review your Holds and Registration Notices. This is located on the top, right-hand side of your screen underneath your username.


To find out more about your specific hold and the proper resolution contact, visit our dedicated Holds page.

5Review Your DegreeWorks

Once you have cleared/waived your holds, you can review courses required in your degree plan.

On Uconnect, select My Records, then click on Degreeworks.*


Courses that are pending to be completed will show as “Still Needed.”

*DegreeWorks helps evaluate your degree progress. It provides courses completed, in progress, and pending.

Completing your Core Curriculum prior to earning 60 semester credit hours is strongly advised. Look for the University Core Curriculum section on DegreeWorks to check your status.

6Look Up Classes on TAMIU SchEDUler

On Uconnect, select My Records, then click Registration to access TAMIU SchEDUler

Caution Icon College of Education majors are required to meet with their academic advisor to register for their courses as classes are strictly aligned with existing TEA requirements.



Is TAMIU SchEDUler displaying an error message? View our page on common online registration error messages.


From here, you’ll click Add Courses. Once the necessary courses have been added, click Generate Schedules to select the best schedule. Once your schedule is selected, click Send to Shopping Cart, then select Register.



8Confirm Courses Align With Degree

Once you’ve registered, review your DegreeWorks to make sure all courses are counting towards your degree plan. If courses show up under the “Courses not Used” section, contact your Academic Advisor as soon as possible.