Common Online Registration Errors

Common Error Messages

Below is a list of error messages you may receive during the registration period. Some errors require advisor or faculty approval in order to allow registration.

Message appears is you’re trying to register for a course that is restricted to specific college or major. Example NURS 2321 is restricted to students in the RN/SDN program

Message appears if course requires approval from department.  Example NURS 2320 requires the Nursing department to approve.

Message appears if you’re an undergraduate student attempting to enroll in graduate level courses. Undergraduate students can only enroll in 1000-4000 level courses.

Message appears if you do not meet test score required for the course or if you have not taken a prerequisite course*.

*Prerequisite courses are courses that you need to take (and pass) in order to enroll in higher-level courses.

Message appears if you’re attempting to enroll in a course that requires you to take another course concurrently.

Example: BIOL 1370 requires you to enroll in BIOL 1170 as well.