Academic Advising Guide

Academic Advising is essential to your success at TAMIU. Academic advising is available to all students, including first-time freshmen, transfer, returning, and graduate students. Students should schedule an appointment with their advisor prior to registration.

Academic Advisors are here to:

  • Encourage you to complete your degree in a timely manner (or four-years),
  • Provide you with relevant academic resources.

Caution Icon During the advising process, students pursuing pre-professional programs should inform their advisors as to the program they’re pursuing.

Getting Advised

Undergraduate Students

Enrolled students can view their assigned advisor information in DegreeWorks. After entering DegreeWorks, your Advisor's Name can be found in the middle column within your Student Information.

DegreeWorks dashboard focused on the middle column of the three column layout


Go to DegreeWorks


Who's my Advisor?

If you have visited DegreeWorks and are still unsure about who your current advisor is, please contact the appropriate Office/College/School based on your classification and student status:

TAMIU Advising Offices

If you are a...


New, First-Time Freshman

(A recent graduate from high school or a GED program)

Office of Recruitment & School Relations
Summer/Fall 2023 FFR Early Registration

New, Transfer Student

(Post-secondary studies at another college or university after graduating from high school or earning a GED)

Office of Recruitment & School Relations
University College: Academic Center for Excellence - Advising and Retention

Current Freshman
(0 - 29 hours)

University College: Academic Center for Excellence - Advising and Retention



Multidisciplinary Studies Major


(30-59 hours)

Academic Advisors from the College/School of your major:

College of Arts & Sciences

College of Education

A.R. Sanchez, Jr. School of Business

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

(60-89 hours)

(90+ hours)

RELLIS Student

  Contact Rebecca Romero

Graduate Student

  Graduate School

Search for my Advisor


A. R. Sanchez, Jr. School of Business
College of Arts and Sciences
College of Education
College of Nursing and Health Sciences
University College: Academic Center for Excellence - Advising & Retention

Find My Advisor

Type your Advisor's name into the search bar. 

TAMIU Advisor List
Advisor Name Schedule Appointment College Location Email Phone
Adriana Garcia Schedule appointment with Adriana Garcia CNHS CNS 111D adrianam.garcia@tamiu.edu 956.326.3277
Adriana Ruiz Schedule appointment with Adriana Ruiz UC ZSC 101 adriana.ruiz@tamiu.edu 956.326.2973
Alejandro Rocha Schedule appointment with Alejandro Rocha CNHS CNS 111C alejandro.rocha@tamiu.edu 956.326.3110
Alexander Atwell Schedule appointment with Alexander Atwell UC ZSC 101 A3 alexander.atwell@tamiu.edu 956.326.2747
Alexandra Gutierrez Schedule appointment with Alexandra Gutierrez UC ZSC 101 alexandra.gutierrez@tamiu.edu 956.326.2887
Alissa Bernal Schedule appointment with Alissa Bernal UC ZSC 101 alissa.bernal@tamiu.edu 956.326.4222
Amy Rodríguez Schedule appointment with Amy Rodríguez ARSSB WHT 219 amy.rodriguez@tamiu.edu 956.326.2824
Arcelia González Schedule appointment with Arcelia González COED PLG 302G arcelia.gonzalez@tamiu.edu 956.326.3146
Cecilia Vázquez Schedule appointment with Cecilia Vázquez COAS ZSC 138 B cecilia.vazquez@tamiu.edu 956.326.2710
Celeste Hernández Schedule appointment with Celeste Hernández UC ZSC 101 A2 celeste.hernandez@tamiu.edu 956.326.2978
Daniela Hernández Schedule appointment with Daniela Hernández UC ZSC 101 B5 daniela.hernandez@tamiu.edu 956.326.2992
Daniela Maldonado Schedule appointment with Daniela Maldonado CNHS CNS 111F daniela.maldonado01@tamiu.edu 956.326.3334
Elizabeth Green Schedule appointment with Elizabeth Green COAS ZSC 138 K5 elizabeth.green@tamiu.edu 956.326.3369
Elizabeth Hamilton Schedule appointment with Elizabeth Hamilton COAS ZSC 101 A12 elizabeth.hamilton@tamiu.edu 956.326.2412
Elva Adriana Garcia Schedule appointment with Elva Adriana Garcia COAS ZSC 138 K6 eagarcia@tamiu.edu 956.326.3368
Erica Perez Schedule appointment with Erica Perez COAS ZSC 138 K7 erica.perez@tamiu.edu 956.326.2411
Erick Barrientos Schedule appointment with Erick Barrientos UC ZSC 101 B2 erick.barrientos@tamiu.edu 956.326.2713
Felipe Rodríguez Schedule appointment with Felipe Rodríguez CNHS CNS 111B felipe.rodriguez@tamiu.edu 956.326.3269
Gabrielle Prather Schedule appointment with Gabrielle Prather UC ZSC 138 gabrielle.prather@tamiu.edu 956.326.2922
Ithiel Perez Schedule appointment with Ithiel Perez CNHS CNS 111H ithiel.perez@tamiu.edu 956.326.3286
Jaime Camacho Schedule appointment with Jaime Camacho COAS ZSC 101 B17 jaime.camacho@tamiu.edu 956.326.2910
Janessa Berlanga Schedule appointment with Janessa Berlanga ARSSB WHT 219 janessa.berlanga@tamiu.edu 956.326.3346
Jaime "Henry" Vela Schedule appointment with Jaime Henry Vela UC ZSC 101 A4 jaime.vela@tamiu.edu 956.326.2851
Jeremías "RJ" García Schedule appointment with Jeremías García COAS ZSC 101 B16 jeremiasg.garcia@tamiu.edu 956.326.2650
Juan Balderas Schedule appointment with Juan Balderas UC ZSC 101 juan.balderas@tamiu.edu 956.326.2801
Juan Hernández Schedule appointment with Juan Hernández UC ZSC 222 juan.hernandez01@tamiu.edu 956.326.2970
Julio Domínguez Schedule appointment with Julio Domínguez UC ZSC 222 julio.dominguez@tamiu.edu 956.326.2885
Kasandra Rocha Schedule appointment with Kasandra Rocha COAS ZSC 101 B20 kasandra.rocha@tamiu.edu 956.326.3115
Kasey Moreno Schedule appointment with Kasey Moreno COAS ZSC 101 B10 kasey.moreno@tamiu.edu 956.326.3372
Lindsey Lopez Schedule appointment with Lindsey Lopez UC ZSC 101 B2 lindsey.lopez@tamiu.edu 956.326.2785
Maria M. Blasco Schedule appointment with Maria M. Blasco ARSSB WHT 219 maggie@tamiu.edu 956.326.2483
Mayte Becerra Schedule appointment with Mayte Becerra COED PLG 302H mayte.becerra@tamiu.edu 956.326.3144
Mel Carrizales Schedule appointment with Mel Carrizales COAS ZSC 101 B19 mel.carrizales@tamiu.edu 956.326.3375
Miguel Rangel Schedule appointment with Miguel Rangel COAS ZSC 138 K8 miguel.rangel@tamiu.edu 956.326.3378
Milagros Aguilar Schedule appointment with Milagros Aguilar UC ZSC 101 milagros.aguilar@tamiu.edu 956.326.2975
Nahomy Gutierrez Schedule appointment with Nahomy Gutierrez COAS ZSC 101 B9 nahomy.gutierrez@tamiu.edu 956.326.3367
Nancy Ramos Schedule appointment with Nancy Ramos COAS ZSC 101 B14 nancy.ramos@tamiu.edu 956.326.3382
Rebecca Romero Schedule appointment with Rebecca Romero COAS ZSC 138D rebecca.romero@tamiu.edu 956.326.3377
Rhonda Covington Schedule appointment with Rhonda Covington ARSSB WHT 219 rhonda.covington@tamiu.edu 956.326.2536
Rolando Tijerina Schedule appointment with Rolando Tijerina COAS ZSC 101 A13 rolando.tijerina@tamiu.edu 956.326.3249
Tracey Ramos Schedule appointment with Tracey Ramos ARSSB WHT 219 tracey.ramos@tamiu.edu 956.326.2825