Academic Advising


Appointments with Academic Success Coach (advisor)


The College of Nursing and Health Sciences', Academic Success Coaches are currently helping students by appointment only. Your Academic Success Coach is assigned to you according to your major. You can see your assigned advisor on Degreeworks, if one is not assigned, you can email nursing@tamiu.edu

The Academic Success Coaches are currently helping students in-person or virtually. When scheduling your appointment, you can select what option you prefer. 



 Academic Success Coaches


Adriana Garcia

Adriana Garcia



Schedule an appointment
with Adriana

Advising majors:

  • Graduate Nursing

  • Online Nursing (RN/BSN)

Felipe Rodriguez

 Felipe Rodriguez



Schedule an appointment
with Felipe

Advising majors:

  • Pre-Nursing (Last Names M-Z)

  • Nursing (Last Names M-Z)



 Robert Sanchez



Schedule an appointment with Robert

Advising majors:

  • Pre-Nursing (Last Names A-L)

  • Nursing (Last Names A-L)


Alex Rocha



Schedule an appointment
with Alejandro

Advising majors:

  • Communcation Disorders

  • Kinesiology (Non-Certication and Certication)

  • Public Health 



Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my assigned advisor?

Your assigned advisor can be found on Degreeworks. Degreeworks can be accessed through Uconnect.

When should I make an appointment with my advisor?

You should schedule an appointment at least once throughout the semester. Students usually meet with advisors before registration starts; March for Fall/Summer registration and October for Spring registration. 

I have a hold that says, "6 State Drops Remaining". How do I clear it?

The 6 State Drops was enacted by the Texas Legislature to prohibit students from dropping more than six classes during their undergraduate degree. This hold serves as a notification to students to know how many drops they have remaining. This hold does not prevent registration so no need to clear it. 

I have a hold that says, "Foreign Language Graduation Requirement". How do I clear it?

This hold is also a notification to students as a reminder that they are still pending the Foreign Language Graduation Requirement. This requirement can be met different ways, according to your catalog. Your advisor can let you know how this requirement can be met. This hold also doesn't prevent registration however, it will clear when you have met the requirement.