Public Health Marketable Skills

Bachelor of Science in Public Health


Marketable Skills of Graduates in Texas


Communcation skills

Communication skills are important for public health graduates. Students will use and employ communication skills in order to create and implement health education programs.


Teamwork and Collaboration

Public health students will learn that collaboration and interdependence are strong characteristics of working together especially during the implementation of health programs.



A proactive approach must be taken when  you are responsible to create and implement health education programs as well as interventions and conflict and crisis management circumstances.


Interrogational skills

Relationship building and sustainment are important interpersonal skills in order to maintain healthy relationships with colleagues and management.


problem solving skills

Exceptional problem solving and critical thinking skills are essential in order to address the daily issues that arise during the program design and implementation of public health initiatives.


intercultural skills

Cultural competence is vital in order to appropriately and effectively communicate varying cultural knowledge, practices, and differences.


Technology and innovation

Public health students must acquire technological knowledge as well as establish new methods and ideas in order to meet their program initiatives and organizational goals.


ethical judgment

Strong ethical thinking and integrity will contribute to better decision making, Public health students must also be responsible employees who work towards achieving organizational goals.


research/information on verification

Successful program design and implementation require public health employees to organize and evaluate information from multiple sources. It is also vital to understand and apply empirical research to address public health problems.