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If answers to questions may not be found on the “FAQs Undergraduate” tab, please feel free to email your assigned advisor as indicated on your degree works.

If you do not have an assigned advisor, please feel free to contact The College of Education for more information: coedadvising@tamiu.edu or call 956-326-2420 [956-326-2435]


Graduates: You may refer to " FAQS Graduates" for immediate answers to your questions below. If answers to questions may not be found on the Graduate FAQS tab, please feel free to email Amber Martinez: amber.martinez@tamiu.edu or Virginia Lopez: virginia.lopez@tamiu.edu in regard to your specific questions.

Graduates: SCREENING INSTRUMENT: You may email coedacceptance@tamiu.edu with your student ID and degree you are pursuing, so the link to this form may be sent to you. Graduate Admission letters are currently being sent out.


 Have Rep exam questions or need more information- Contact texesprep@tamiu.edu for more information. 

Please refer to the Academic Calendar for important dates and deadlines: TAMIU Academic Calendar 2022-2023 



Undergraduate Advisors 


Arcelia Gonzalez

Arcelia Gonzalez

Academic Success Coach


Ask Me About!

  • Undergraduate - Advice on creating a schedule!
  • Undergraduate- Advice on Degree Plans/Programs!
  •  Undergraduate - Advice on course sequence questions!

Make an appointment with Arcelia Gonzalez

Daniel Rodriguez

Daniel Ross Rodriguez

Academic Success Coach


Ask Me About!

  • Undergraduate - Advice on creating a schedule!
  • Undergraduate- Advice on Degree Plans/Programs!
  •  Undergraduate - Advice on course sequence questions!

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Important Dates for Undergraduates: 

  • January 2nd: First Class Day Wintermester 2023 

  • January 17th: First Class Day Spring 2023 

  • March 13-17: Spring Break Holiday 

  • May 1st: Last Class Day

  • May 10th: Spring 2023 Commencement 

Graduate Advisors 

Amber Martinez

Amber Martinez

Academic Success Coach


Ask Me About!

  • General Information on COED Graduate Programs!
  • Graduate - Advice on course sequence questions!
  • Graduate- Advice on Degree Plans!
  •  Graduate - Provide career advisor contact information!

Make an appointment with Amber Martinez 

Virginia Lopez

Virginia Lopez

Academic Success Coach


Ask Me About!

  • General Information on COED Graduate Programs!
  • Graduate - Advice on course sequence questions!
  • Graduate- Advice on Degree Plans!
  •  Graduate - Provide career advisor contact information!

Make an appointment with Virginia Lopez  

Important Dates for Graduates: 

  • March 2nd: Last day to drop a course or withdraw Spring Sub-Term I 2023

  • March 9th: Last Class Day Spring Sub-Term I 2023 

  • March 20th: First Class Day Spring Sub-Term II 2023. All tuition and fees due.  ($100 late fee after this date)

  • March 22nd-24th: Final Late Registration Day Spring Sub-Term II 2023 with the permission of the instructor

  • April 3rd: Registration opens Summer I & II and Fall I & II  

Admissions & Testing/Certification Coordinators 

Daniel Rodriguez

Vanessa Almaraz

Admissions Coordinator 


Ask Me About!

  • Becoming a Teacher!
  • Anything Admissons!

 Rene Rodriguez

Rene Rodriguez

Testing Coordinator


Ask Me About!

  • All Certification Exams!
  • Path towards Certification!
  •  Rep Exam Dates/Requirements!

Important Dates for Admissions/Testing & Certification: 

  • Rep Exam Dates: February 24th, March 31st, April 28th, May 26th, June 16th, & July 14th

  • Application for Fall 2023 Admission: July 28th @ 5pm (No applications accepted after the deadline date & time) 

Other Points of Contact

Not sure who to talk to from other departments as a College of Education student? 

College of Arts and Sciences Department (COAS): You can visit this department if you need to meet with your College of Arts and Sciences Advisor. All Secondary Majors have A COED Advisor and COAS Advisor.  

Academic Center for Excellence (ACE): You can visit this department if you are a Freshman. Check DegreeWorks to see who your assigned ACE advisor is.

Financial Aid: You can visit this department for questions regarding financial responsibilities with TAMIU.

Bursar's Office: You can visit this department for questions regarding out of pocket financial responsibilities with TAMIU. 

Registrar's Office: You can visit this department for questions regarding , Degreeworks, transfer credits, transcripts.

TAMIU Testing Center: You can visit this department for questions regarding, CLEP exam. 

Student Counseling and Disability Services: You can visit this department for questions regarding Counseling and Disability Services.

Office of Information Technology: You can visit this department Issues with getting access to TAMIU accounts contact OIT

Additional resources for students:

How to register by using scheduler provide the youtube video: https://youtu.be/OZwQnJBwHFQ

Who to contact for Financial responsibilities: FA Office, Bursar's Office 

Appointments will continue as scheduled, You can choose from the following options: 

  • Webex
  • Via Phone
  • Email

Appointment Reminders: One day prior to your appointment, you will receive an appointment reminder via text. You will be provided with the meeting link for your scheduled appointment time, You must connect with your COED advisor using the meeting link provided. If you have any issues with the software, you must email your advisor in order to ensure you do not miss out on your appointment. If you do not log in or contact your advisor within the first 10 minutes of your scheduled appointment time, you will forfeit your appointment and will need to reschedule accordingly.

How do virtual advising appointments work? 

  • A virtual advising appointment typically lasts 30 minutes, the last 10 minutes of your advising time will be used to document the key points discussed as well as send you a follow up email concerning the advice provided during the appointment. Please be mindful of 30 minutes of your appointment. 
  • All registration recommendations are based on your degree plan, stage/ status within the EPP/COED Program  and the published schedule made available by Texas A&M International University.
  • Advisor and student will utilize time together to discuss any questions or concerns that student may have. Advisor will assist students with any information students may need in order to be successful within the College of Education program. 
  • Students and advisors will not utilize the time to discuss requests for specific instructors and or alternative class times. All class sections and times are determined by the College of Education chair, dean and university. 
How to Maintain Good Standing with the College of Education?
  • In order to graduate from the College of Education, all teacher candidates must complete all coursework in the degree plan with a grade of “C” or better. To remain in good standing and to graduate a GPA of 2.75 must be maintained each semester.COED does not accept “D”s. If a D is earned then the course must be retaken in order for it to count towards your degree.
Types of Holds and How to Clear them?
What is my classification ?
  • Freshmen have 0 – 29 completed semester credit hours. Sophomores have 30 – 59 completed semester credit hours. Juniors have 60 – 89 completed semester credit hours. Seniors have 90+ completed semester credit hours.
Where is the College of Education Located?
  • Pellegrino Hall 302
Does a College of Education require a certain GPA?
  • Yes, to be considered for admission students are required to have at least an institutional, transfer, overall and major GPA of 2.75. A GPA of 2.75 must be maintained each semester once admitted into the program. If GPA’s are under 2.75 requirement, students in the program run the risk of being placed on Probation or Suspension with the program. For more information on admissions into The College of Education please contact coedacceptance@tamiu.edu
Do I need to make an appointment with an advisor?
  • In order to ensure you are following your degree as planned, you may be requested to meet with your assigned College of Education advisor.
What is the registration process?
  • After you have received your pre-advising email listing education courses that you are eligible for, you may proceed to register yourself using Scheduler on UConnect.
What are Pre-Education?
  • Pre-Education courses are courses needed to be eligible to apply into the College of Education Program.
  • Pre-Ed Courses: EDCI 1102. 2224, 3200- must be completed before admissions to the program.
What are Blocks?
  • Blocks are specified education courses for students admitted and in good standing with the College of Education. Blocks are designed in sequential order to help guide you towards graduation. Students will be notified when they are eligible to register for these courses.
  • Blocks are taken as follows:
    • BLK 1: EDCI: 3301 & 3302 (VARIES BETWEEN MAJORS) Content area: All EDRD courses and additional course requirements must be completed on Degreeworks.
    • BLK 2: EDCI 3315, 4310
What is a “rep” exam?
  • Our representative exam is a practice test which will qualify you for your TExEs state exam. It is a mandatory practice test that you need to complete with a score of 240 and 80% on each domain to receive permission to be eligible for your specific TExES state exam.
When are representative exams offered?
  • Offered every last Friday of every month. For more information please contact texesprep@tamiu.edu or contact our Testing Coordinator, Rene Rodriguez, at 956-326-2688. Dates subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances
What happens if I fail a “rep” exam?
  • Students who fail the rep. exams are required to complete an intervention plan assigned by the testing department to reattempt.
When can I start working towards my certification exams?
  • Students admitted into the program may start Rep Exams during BLK 1. Certifications will vary by major:
    • Elementary:
      • Core Subjects EC-6 (BLK 1)
      • STR (BLK2)
      • PPR (BLK3)
    • Secondary and All Level:
      • Content Exams (BLK 1& 2)
      • PPR (BLK 3)
Where can I find my university catalog?
What happens if I don’t follow my Catalog plan?
  • Failure to do so may result in delay of graduation and completion of program.

Who is my Advisor?

  • When entering into the COED Program you will have an Academic Success Coach and a Career Advisor.
  • Academic Success Coach : Amber Martinez, amber.martinez@tamiu.edu and Virgina Lopez, virginia.lopez@tamiu.edu. Ms. Martinez’s and Ms. Lopez's role involves assisting students to stay on track with the program by providing them with a designed degree plans and availability of courses. Ms. Martinez and Ms. Lopez's can assist with course sequence questions, provide career advisor contact information,  degree plans, and general information about graduate programs with the College of Education. 
  • Career Advisor :  The career advisor role involves assisting students in making decisions about their future and reaching their full potential.Your career advisor varies based on your major, or if you would like more information on types of opportunities your degree may offer 

When am I able to register for courses?

  • Once you have been accepted into the university by graduate school and all holds have been removed from your account you are able to start registering for courses. 
  • All questions regarding program acceptance, transcripts, transfer credits, course/catalog extensions will need to be reviewed by the Graduate admissions office: Graduate School 

How do I know where to pay for my courses or have questions regarding costs and payments?  

For Financial responsibilities: 

What are important dates I should know ? 

Will I get an admissions letter from the College of Education? 

  • You will only receive an admissions letter from the College of Education if you are certificate seeking student,  Please reach out to coedacceptance@tamiu.edu for questions regarding admissions letters. 

How do I start working on certification?

Where can I find my degree plan ? 

What is the difference between standard and expedited degree plans?

  • Standard is 1 course every 7 weeks per sub term,
  • Expedited is 2 courses every 7 weeks per sub term.

Can I do more than 2 courses per sub-term every 7 weeks? 

  • The maximum amount of courses is 2 courses per 7 weeks per sub-term. 

Can I change my degree plan? 

  • Please note once you have chosen a degree plan you will need to follow that degree plan up until your completion of your program to stay on track with completion date. 

What happens if I do not follow my degree plan? 

  • Failure to do so may result in delay of graduation and completion of program.
  • Sitting out subterm(s) due to course rotation and availability. 
  • Need to set up an appointment with an advisor to discuss options for your pending program courses and new completion date.

How do I clear my screening instrument hold?

  • This screening is part of the admissions process for the College of Education and will be a set of questions regarding your experience as an educator. If you are not sure how to answer a question please refer to any experience that may be relevant and refrain from using N/A throughout the form. For any questions regarding the screening instrument please email coedacceptance@tamiu.edu.

How do I clear the No Financial Agreement Hold?

I do not have access to my email or TAMIU Accounts?  

How do I register for courses?

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