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What to Expect from our Virtual College of Education Admission Process

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Admission Requirements

The following items are the requirements for admittance into the College of Education:

  1. Admission into Texas A&M International University

  2. Admission into the College of Education - Complete Admissions Application Packet

    1. Complete Application
    2. Submit Code of Ethics [1]
    3. Submit FERPA [1]
    4. Complete Screening Instrument [3]

    Please note that failure to complete, sign, and return all required items via email to the Admissions Coordinator before the semester deadlines may result in delayed start dates. Moreover, if you change majors, you must reapply to the College, because individual program requirements may differ.

    1 Student signature required.
    2 All core coursework must be completed with a grade of C or better.
    3 For Graduate students, this must be completed before admission to the College of Education. Candidates seeking admissions for graduate or professional certificates should view their admission requirements and screening instrument links on the Graduate School Website.
  3. Formal Admittance Acknowledgement Letter

    Upon completion of admission application packet, your application will be reviewed.  If you are offered admission to COED, you will receive a formal Offer of Admission letter that you must sign and return by the date specified on the letter. Your signed letter must be on file in order to admit you to the state teaching certificate program for which you applied.


Undergraduate Deadlines:

Deadline to Apply for Fall 2023 Admissions:  Friday, July 28th, 2023 before 5pm

For more information on being admitted into the College of Education, or to submit completed application packets, please contact:

Graduate Applicants

TAMIU Graduate School, ZSC 206, graduateschool@tamiu.edu or 956.326.3020

Please note that an admission decision will not be rendered until all items are received by the Graduate School.  Additionally, if offered admission, you must sign your acceptance letter and return it to the Graduate School before enrolling for courses.

Undergraduate Applicants

Erestina VelaVanessa Almaraz

Office of Student Success
Pellegrino Hall 302 /  coedacceptance@tamiu.edu  /  956.326.3098


College of Education Application - Apply Now!
Click the button that says College of Education Application – Apply Now!
Download the PDF Application to your computer.
Open the file from your computer, and fill out the form with the fields provided.
Sign the document within your PDF viewer (found under the “Fill and Sign” option.
SAVE your changes. This is very important, so your sent application is full and complete.
Send your completed application as an attachment to COEDacceptance@tamiu.edu (undergraduate) or for Graduate students upload your completed application as an attachment via myapp.tamiu.edu. Please include your full name, e-mail address, and phone number in the email in addition to your application.

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