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Welcome to the Writing Center!

College Reading and Learning Association Certified

Level III Master Tutor Certification Center

Writing Center Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Writing Center at Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) is to support the instructional goals of the faculty by providing free individual and small-group tutoring sessions, peer review sessions, and writing workshops to TAMIU students.

Writing tutors are specially trained students and paraprofessionals who have demonstrated excellence in working with others on the continued development of their written communication skills.

In order to develop more confident and competent writers, tutors provide guidance in developing, revising, and editing students’ papers. Tutors listen and respond to students’ works in progress, ask questions, and point out particular areas to focus on for improvement. Since the goal of tutoring is to develop increasingly independent writers, tutors will not correct errors or rewrite students’ work; instead, during the course of a tutoring session, they will focus on one or two types of improvement strategies students may employ to produce more effective written work.

Tutoring sessions generally last from twenty minutes to one hour, depending on the needs of each student. Students may drop in or make prior arrangements for an appointment. Faculty members may arrange standing appointments for those students who demonstrate particular needs in developing their written or oral English skills.

The Writing Center also provides support for literary and writing-oriented organizations, clubs, and departments at Texas A&M International University, as well as outreach services to foster the continued growth of literacy activities within the local community. 

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Contact Information

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