Essay Development

Developing a Thesis Statement

Developing Body Paragraphs

Developing Conclusions

Developing Introductions

The Writing Process

Transitions & Connectives

Types of Evidence

Writing an Argumentative Essay

Writing Abstracts

Answering Essay Questions

Annotated Bibliographies

Format and Documentation

APA Format and Documentation

APA Format and Documentation:  Quoting

American Political Science Association:  Format and Documentation

American Sociological Association:  Format and Documentation

Chicago Manual of Style & Turabian:  Format and Documentation

Citing and Documenting Social Media and E-Sources

MLA & APA Documentation:  Using Signal Phrases

MLA Format and Documentation

MLA Format and Documentation:  Quoting

Sentence Variety

Sentence Variety 1:  Coordinating Conjunctions

Sentence Variety 2:  Semicolon

Sentence Variety 3:  Colon 

Sentence Variety 4:  Subordinating Conjunctions

Sentence Variety 5:  Conjuntive Adverbs

Sentence Variety 6:  Relative Clauses

Sentence Variety 7:  Relative Pronouns: Whose/Who's

Sentence Variety 8:  Appositives

Sentence Variety 9:  Participial Phrases

Sentence Variety 10:  Absolutes

Sentence Variety 11:  Correlative Conjunctions (Paired Coordinatiors)

Sentence Faults and Punctuation

12 Ways to Cut Clutter From Writing

Comma Usage I

Comma Usage II

How to Correct Run-ons and Comma Splices

How to Correct Sentence Fragments

Prepositions I

Prepositions II

Verb Forms I

Verb Forms II


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