Powered by TAMIU

Are You Powered by TAMIU?

Powered by TAMIU is a reflection of what we do and who we are; it’s the spirit of TAMIU.  Texas A&M International University “powers” people to be their best.  When you’re Powered by TAMIU, you’re able to imagine all your possibilities. 

Powered by TAMIU is a growing community of scholars, leaders and champions on the field and in the classroom.  You chose TAMIU.  YOU are Powered by TAMIU.


Getting Powered:

In the weeks and months ahead, we’ll post more about Powered by TAMIU and ways that you can engage, get powered and share your Power. 

Find Powered by TAMIU key events @TAMIU, the University’s Online Calendar. Sign up for events and reminders, enter contests, or add to your calendar online.

During Fall 2011, we asked students to create a video to tell us how they were Powered by TAMIU. The winning entry by Jennifer Alejandro is available here http://youtu.be/4tbBksalYVU.

We also asked students to share their favorite book by posting a self-portrait with their favorite book. The photos were posted on Flickr and automatically entered a contest to win a Kindle.
Click http://www.flickr.com/photos/chamwashere/6367389723/in/pool-fallkindle2011 to see the winning entry by Chamois Green.

For Spring 2012, students showed us where they would be in 20 years and how Powered by TAMIU helped them succeed. Olivia de la Garza shared her vision http://youtu.be/4tbBksalYVU for the future and won the contest.
To see the video submissions for both iPad2 contests, visit TAMIU on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/txamiu

Download our Powered by TAMIU smart phone and tablet app. here.

Sharing the Power:

Texas A&M International University is an amazing place.  Every day, you help us change hearts and minds and provide an environment that nurtures growth and success and creates excellence.   On campus and in the community, we’re blessed by partnerships that will help you to get Powered by TAMIU.

Through interactive social media and on-campus events, you can share your Power. Come back here for news, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, watch us on YouTube… and learn more about Powered by TAMIU and how you can Get Powered!


Imagine The Possibilities…When You’re Powered by TAMIU