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NURS 4290
Senior Lab Seminar.
Two semester hours, laboratory only (6 contact hours). (SP)
This laboratory course provides in-depth diagnosis of mastery and reinforcement of all curricular content in basic nursing knowledge and skills. Critical thinking is used to apply the nursing process to plan and evaluate culturally based care for individuals, families and groups across the life span experiencing alterations in physical and psychosocial health. Computer assisted instruction and standardized testing are used to evaluate student readiness for professional licensure and practice. Successful completion of course requirements includes satisfactory performance on a nationally recognized standardized readiness evaluation instrument. To earn credit, this course must be completed with a grade of "C" or better. (Advanced standing for Registered Nurses.) Prerequisites: NURS 4263, NURS 4522, NURS 4665. Co-requisites: NURS 4170, NURS 4340, NURS 4670.

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