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MIS 5375

Data Mining and Business Analytics

Three semester hours.

Business Intelligence (BI) is a multifaceted concept that includes the tools, architecture, data warehouses and methods supporting data collection, analysis and presentation. The principal focus of the course is on major managerial and strategic issues related to collection, integration, distribution and analysis of enterprise-wide information quickly and effectively. BI is used today not only in executive level decision making but also at the operational and other levels. The topics covered in this course that support these aspects are: data mining, data warehouse, data extraction, BI spectrum, BI cycles, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), Business Process Management (BMP), multi-dimensional data analysis, visualization, clouds for BI, data security and ethical handling of data. Students will be introduced to leading edge technical tools for hands-on data analysis and integration. Prerequisites: DS 2310 or equivalent and MIS 5360 or consent of instructor.

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