2014-2015 University Catalog

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  1. All music majors taking an applied lesson (MUAP 1213/3213) must enroll, participate and receive a passing grade in a major ensemble every semester except when enrolled in EDCI 4993, Teaching Internship.
  2. Major ensemble requirements must be satisfied in the following ways:
    • A student in any instrumental music degree program whose major is a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument must register for MUEN 1140/3140 – Band and/or MUEN 1143/3143 – Orchestra as assigned by the instrumental ensemble directors and the applied music teacher based on auditions as required.
    • A student in any instrumental degree program whose major instrument is an orchestral stringed instrument  must register for MUEN 1143/3143 – Orchestra.
    • A student in any vocal/choral/general music degree program must register for MUEN 1130/3130 – Chorale as assigned by the choral ensemble director and the applied music teacher, based on auditions.
    • Guitarists in an instrumental music degree must register for MUEN 1133/3133 – Guitar Ensemble to fulfill the ensemble requirement.
    • Pianists in an instrumental degree must enroll in a Major Ensemble (Chorale/Band/Orchestra/Guitar Ensemble) based on their vocal or instrumental strengths and the needs of the ensemble. Approval of Ensemble Director is required.
  3. Enrollment in additional ensembles including mariachi, Jazz, and Chamber Music is highly recommended.
  4. Exceptions to these requirements will be made only with the approval the student’s applied music teacher, the Director of Music Programs, the Department Chair and the appropriate ensemble director. A record of such exception must be presented to the Office of the Registrar to ensure ensemble requirements are met for graduation purposes.


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