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MATH 3390

Principles of Mathematics for Elementary Educators

Three semester hours. (SP)

An in-depth study of the mathematical principles and concepts underlying the traditionally computational techniques for the teaching of mathematics at early childhood and elementary school levels. The course content includes problem solving; arithmetic, algebra, geometry, probability, logic, counting, numeration and number systems (including natural, integer, rational, and real number systems), and their historical development; content based teaching; integrating various areas of mathematics; and examining connections of college-level mathematics course contents with the mathematics content of and its effective teaching at the early childhood and elementary school levels. In addition, TExES Mathematics Standards V-IX covering Mathematical Processes, Mathematical Perspectives, Mathematical Learning and Instruction, Mathematical Assessment and Professional Development will be emphasized. Students must earn a “C" or better to successfully complete the course. The course may not be counted toward a major or minor in Mathematics or for certification in secondary mathematics. Open only to early childhood/elementary education majors. Prerequisite: Completion of Block I and a grade of at least “C" in MATH 1350 and 1351. It is strongly recommended to take this course concurrently with Block II.

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