The Sociology Program

Sociology Graduate Handbook 


Sociology students with Dr. Erik Olin Wright, American Sociological Association President

Located in the vibrant cultural mix of the Border Region, the Sociology Program is part of the Department of Social Sciences at TAMIU and is an ideal place to study cultural and social change. The Laredo Metropolitan Statistical Area has a population of 263,359 and is one of the fastest growing cities in Texas. Our program focuses of teaching students about the ways cultures mix, change, and develop.

Our Mission

The mission of the Sociology Program at TAMIU is to provide our students with the theoretical, empirical and substantive knowledge in the discipline, to provide them with a diversity of approaches, and to instill in them a desire for lifelong learning. The Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Sociology are designed to support the mission of the university by:

  • increasing our students' ability to communicate through the use of the written and spoken word;
  • develop their appreciation of culture and social integration; and
  • develop their sense of self-realization.

Our Programs

  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology: a 120 credit hour degree program that introduces students to the fundamental foundations of sociology. Students can complete the degree by taking courses on campus or online. Graduates from our program find employment in social service, education, non-profit and public service agencies.
  • Master of Arts in Sociology: designed to prepare students to actively participate in the development of applied knowledge and policy responses to contemporary social problems. A focus is placed on sociological theory and social science research. Students may pursue either a thesis or non-thesis degree.

Our Faculty

Department faculty have a wide range of teaching and research interests. We routinely apply our research expertise to a broad range of local, state, national and international issues and emerging challenges.


Current Students 


Jessica Chandarlis

Jessica Chandarlis, Master of Arts in Sociology Candidate

In the Summer of 2012, I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to conduct research in Singapore funded by the National Science Foundation. I assisted with the development of surveys, conducted interviews with respondents, and analyzed data after returning home. Armed with the skills I gained through this international research experience and incredible mentorship from the sociology department, I gained the confidence to pursue a Master of Arts in Sociology with a primary focus on sexual violence. Myriad stories have appeared in recent times cuing the general public to something that women have always known. Sexual violence against women has always existed and will continue to exist until we do something to curb this social phenomenon. I, for one, want to be a part of the solution. In Fall 2019, I began research on transnational feminist social movements, specifically in the U.S., China, and Peru. Shortly thereafter, I began a research project with Dr. Pamela Neumann, Assistant Professor of Sociology, to study the feminist movements in Peru that arose against femicide and gender-based violence. This Fall 2020, I will be beginning my thesis project on a topic I care deeply abroad. I feel prepared for the challenge and know that I have the help of my thesis committee and the department every step of the way.

Richard Esqueda

Richard Esqueda, Master of Arts in Sociology Candidate

As a graduate student enrolled in the Sociology Master’s Thesis Program at Texas A&M International University, I have developed an interest in studying the phenomena that is suicidality. More specifically, I have focused my attention on exploring the relationship between cultural assimilation and suicide acceptability among the Hispanic population. My future aspirations include publishing research that will have a significant impact on the field, attaining a doctoral degree, and teaching at the university level. I am confident the skills learned in this program will allow me to achieve these goals and I highly recommend it to anyone considering it.


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