Julieta & Frank Staggs Academy of International and STEM Studies (formally known as The Texas Academy of International and STEM Studies) opened its doors in the Fall of 2014. The Staggs Academy enrolled 42 academically focused and highly motivated rising juniors for our new and progressive program. The Staggs Academy is now seeking rising juniors for the 2021-2022 school year. Admission is competitive, and students are selected from schools large and small, public and private. Successful applicants must present competitive PSAT and TSI scores, grades, and teacher/counselor references suggesting a capacity to succeed in college-level work, along with a complete application packet. Every applicant will be evaluated holistically, and no specific score or grade average will guarantee admission. Aside from academic credentials, students will be judged on apparent maturity, motivation, behavioral record, and career interest.

If you have questions regarding admissions or would like more information,

please contact us at (956) 326-2860 or REQUEST INFORMATION


Academy students will have several benefits, some of which include:

  • Free tuition, fees and books
  • Advanced and engaging university courses
  • Full participation in college life
  • Strong administrative and counseling support
  • Ability to pursue degrees in any area
  • Research opportunities with professors
  • High school diploma earned with college credits


Applicants must be high school sophomores who will have completed Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry by the end of their sophomore year. Current Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) and Texas Success Initiative Assessment(TSI) scores are required. PSAT and TSI scores should be competitive with those of college-bound seniors.

Fifty (50) high school sophomores will be admitted in Fall of 2021, and an additional fifty (50) students will be admitted the following year, August 2022, completing the available 100 places in the Academy.


An interview will be a final requirement for admission to the Staggs Academy. Students who qualify for interviews will be contacted by our offices after the application deadline has passed. The student will be expected to meet with the Staggs Academy selection committee.


After being compliant and admitted, the student will be responsible for a non-refundable program charge of $750/semester. However, this fee may be waived after meeting Financial Aid income guidelines.

Admitted Students

Students that are admitted to Staggs Academy will need to turn in the following :

Package 1

  • Student and Parent Information Form
  • Parent/Student Acknowledgment 
  • Electronic Systems Agreement
  • Student Handbook Acknowledgment 
  • Textbook Agreement Form 
  • Health History Form & Emergency Treatment Card
  • Consent for Student Health Services(Treatment of a Minor)

Package 2

  • Model Release
  • Authorization to Disclose Academic Information to Parents
  • TAMIU Agreement for Waiver
  • Turn in Final high school transcript

Optional: Student seeking Financial Waiver must submit the following to determine eligibility.

  • Financial Waiver Application
  • 2021 W2 Form(s)
  • 2021 Tax Return