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Student Sandra Duarte

College of Education student Sandra Alexis Duarte is turning heads with her TExES Mathematics 7-12 test scores. After an unsuccessful first attempt at the exam, Duarte turned to Dr. Selina Mireles, Associate Dean of COED, who advised her to follow a new study plan. Duarte created a binder with different tabs for each competency, with hand-written, color coded notes and note cards to study off of. She also was advised by Professor of Mathematics Dr. R. Goonatilake.

On January 6th, 2017 Duarte retook the exam, and her score rose 40 points. Duarte cites Dr. Mireles’s support for her success, saying “Dr. Mireles was very helpful and supportive, and was fascinated by the way I was approaching it - the way I hand-wrote and color-coded my notes, and the way I broke down the information into smaller chunks.”

Duarte anticipates graduation in May of 2017.