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Dr. Tonya Huber

TAMIU Professor organizes Feed My Starving Children Event,
Named One of TAMIU's Exceptional Women in Education

This month, the College of Education is pleased to spotlight Dr. Tonya Huber for her accomplishments with the recent Feed My Starving Children event at Texas A&M International University, and for her recognition as one of TAMIU's Exceptional Women in Education.

The two day Feed My Starving Children event garnered more than 600 volunteers of all ages prepared 116,640 meals and exceeded their goal of 100,000 meal packs which will provide more than 300 starving, malnourished and hungry children a life sustaining and medically endorsed meal every day for a year. The event was a major success, and donations for the cause are still being accepted.

Huber also gives her students the opportunity to practice service-learning at home and abroad. She also recently led a group of students to the Dominican Republic where they taught reading, writing and arithmetic to Haitian-heritage children working in sugar cane plantations.”

The College of Education is immensely honored to have Dr. Tonya Huber as a faculty member this year. Hired at the start of this academic year, from day one  she hit the ground running with plans to create a center that serve as an environment to aide others. She has been helping to make TAMIU and the College of Education a leader in moral responsibility to help those who need it. Dr. Huber truly deserves this TAMIU honor of Exceptional Woman in Education.

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