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Alumni Jaqueline Coker

We are very proud and honored to have assisted Jacqueline Coker, who received her master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction in summer of 2016,  in her journey as a middle school English teacher and head of her department.

Mrs. Coker, as she stated, is not a native Laredoan, though she considers the city to be her home. She took to working in what she felt was a calling “to help children and work with them to make their lives better.” Originally taking a position as a Child Protective Service Investigator and later Supervisor, She took to educating children years later in an effort to continue to assist children and lead them to brighter futures. As a full-time teacher and department head, Mrs. Coker’s greatest struggle was her students’ ability in writing. “Many children do not like the process of organizing their thoughts”, she noted as she continues “I have been able to help my children become better writers, a skill that will greatly aid in their academic and professional endeavors.”

One phrase that stuck out was her ending statement.

“My students dare to dream! They believe that education the key to their future.”

Now as ever, the College of Education is proud to support all education professionals who are R.I.S.E.-ing to the call to assist students and change the outcome of students’ lives. We are glad to hear stories from other students as well as Mrs. Coker states “The College of Education helped me understand more innovative ways to create a curriculum that will challenge and engage students and ultimately help them learn”.