Saturday, April 6, 2024
11 a.m. - 3 p.m.

We had a great time at Discover TAMIU 2023 and thank our thousands of visitors for coming to TAMIU on a sunny Saturday in April. We had fun meeting alumni, community members of all ages, students (and future students) and showing how we truly Go Beyond at TAMIU.

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Discover TAMIU offers special accommodations for school groups or community organizations including meal options, bus parking, and personalized group planning. Our Discover TAMIU representatives will work closely with you to determine your groups’ unique needs and make the appropriate accommodations to ensure you and your group have a pleasant experience. Our goal is to help you plan your visit to Discover TAMIU so you can enjoy Texas A&M International University from the moment you step on our campus!


For more information, contact the Office of Outreach and Pre-College Programs at 956.326.2720 or outreach@tamiu.edu.


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President's Letter

Dr. Pablo Arenaz President Texas A&M International University
Dr. Pablo Arenaz
Texas A&M International University

We’re excited to welcome you to “Discover TAMIU,” our celebration of all things   Texas A&M International University. We’ve designed this event to welcome people of all ages, their families, and friends…and to open doors and minds to what TAMIU means.

We’ve all been through some challenging times recently, so we are thrilled to once again share our beautiful campus with you. We’re ready to help you explore your connection to a place that changes hearts, minds and futures every day.

You see, “Discover TAMIU” is really about connections. Through activities, events, and  fun and games, we’re sharing with you an engaging opportunity to show how TAMIU changes lives. Whether you’re sharing this day with your child or teen, or carving out a day for yourself and friends, we’ll  focus on how education makes possibilities real for everyone. For over 50 years, we’ve been making such transformations a reality, and we’re proud to share our story.

At “Discover TAMIU,” you can explore the power of the Dustdevil Spirit.  You’ll find out that our 300-acre campus is home to a world-class education delivered by a gifted, global faculty. This campus radiates culture and knowledge, balanced by traditions and cutting-edge discovery. At “Discover TAMIU,” we’ve created five different pathways that will move you from classroom to boardroom, or from laboratory to the very skies above campus.

Where else can you learn how to play a giant Organ with 4003 Pipes, see how even a “silent dummy” gets the respect of future nurses, try your hand at an Angry Birds Activity…or (my personal favorite) make your very own Lava Lamp?

This is a family-friendly event where children will delight in navigating the campus with parents; where teens can tackle the latest technology… and where everyone can take in the sweeping vistas of our campus – truly the home base to futures of great promise.

Each year at “Discover TAMIU” we gather to celebrate, to be inspired and to inspire, and to challenge ourselves to discover more... and then more still.  Whether it’s a STEM opportunity, a chance to see history come to life, or a glimpse into a future career, that all-important connection to  “Go Beyond” begins HERE.


Welcome to “Discover TAMIU”!


Pablo Arenaz, Ph.D.


Texas A&M International University

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