The FAB Collection

About the Collection

The Killam Library developed the TAMIU Faculty Authored Book (FAB) Collection in 2009 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the University and to recognize the book-published scholarship of our faculty. The collection was a retrospective of Faculty publications from 2009 back to the founding of the University in September of 1970. 

The FAB collection will continue to grow as new books are produced by TAMIU faculty. Whenever possible the library has acquired two copies of the faculty-authored material; one to be placed in Special Collections for preservation and one to be placed in the general collection for lending purposes. Books are included in the FAB collection when the faculty member is the sole author, co-author, main editor, co-editor, or translator of a work.


FAB Collection Book List, most recent additions:

FAB Collection Book List, alphabetical by author

The Cannon80x120.jpg The Cannon. Translator. 2010.

Music Fundamentals. 2017. (Book on order.)

inquiriesintoliteracylearningandculturalcompetenciesinaworldofborders2018.jpg Inquiries Into Literacy Learning and Cultural Competencies in a World of Borders. 2018.

 International Education Inquiries: People, Places, and Perspectives of Education 2030. 2018. (Book on order.)

Teacher Education at the Edge Huber OMeara Teacher Education at the Edge: Expanding Access & Exploring Frontiers. Editor. 2019.

International Education Inquiries: People, Places, and Perspectives of Education 2030. 2018. (Book on order.)

Teacher Education at the Edge Huber OMeara Teacher Education at the Edge: Expanding Access & Exploring Frontiers. Editor. 2019. (Book on order.)

Book cover with people and one dog sitting at a table with food. Life is Beautiful. 2019.

thompson baylor.jpg Colonel John Robert Baylor: Texas Indian Fighter and Confederate Soldier. 1971.

Sabers on the Rio Grande_104x120.jpg Sabers on the Rio Grande. 1974. 

thompson union army 85x120.jpg Mexican Texans in the Union Army. 1986.

thompson laredo pic 89x120.jpg Laredo: a Pictorial History. 1986.

Westward the Texans The Civil War journal of Private William Randolph Howell_83x120.jpg Westward the Texans: the Civil War Journal of Private William Randolph Howell. 1990.

thompson warm weather and bad 77x120.jpg Warm Weather and Bad Whiskey: the 1886 Laredo Election Riot. 1991.

thopson96x69.jpg From Desert to Bayou: the Civil War Journal and Sketches of Morgan Wolfe Merrick. 1991.

thompson 77x120.jpg Desert Tiger: Captain Paddy Graydon and the Civil War in the Far Southwest. 1992.

thompson texas-mex fronteir 82x120.jpg Juan Cortina and the Texas-Mexico Frontier, 1859-1877. 1994.

thompson into the far wild country 87x120.jpg Info the Far, Wild Country: True Tales of the Old Southwest. 1996.

thompson confederate gen 80x120.jpg Confederate General of the West: Henry Hopkins Sibley. 1996.

thompsona wild and vivid land 91x120.jpg A Wild and Vivid Land: an Illustrated History of the South Texas Border. 1997.

thompson fifty milies 81x120.jpg Fifty Miles and a Fight: Major Samuel Peter Heintzelman's Journal of Texas and the Cortina War. 1998. 

thompsoncampfires92x120.jpg Campfires and Coal Dust on the Rio Grande: the Archaeology and History of the Laredo-Colombia Solidarity International Bridge, Site, Nuevo Laredo, Mexico & Webb County, Texas. 1998.

vaqueros in the blue and gray 81x120.jpg Vaqueros in Blue & Gray. 2000.

the civil war west texas 80x120.jpg The Civil War in West Texas and New Mexico: the Lost Letterbook of Brigadier General Henry Hopkins Sibley. 2001. 

civil war in southwest 81x120.jpg Civil War in the Southwest: Recollections of the Sibley Brigade. 2001.

Thompson eve of the civil war81x120.jpg Texas & Mexico on the Eve of the Civil War: the Mansfield and Johnston Inspections, 1859-1861. 2001.

revo on the rio grand 92x120.jpg Civil War and Revolution on the Rio Grande Frontier: a Narrative and Photographic History. 2004.

CIVIL WAR BLOODY END 80X120.jpg Civil War to the Bloody End: the Life & Times of Major General Samuel P. Heintzelman. 2006.

thompson_zenas The Reminiscences of Major General Zenas R. Bliss, 1854-1876: from the Texas Frontier to the Civil War and Back Again. 2007.

THOMPSON 81x120.jpg Cortina: Defending the Mexican Name in Texas. 2007.

New Mexico Territory during the Civil War-Thompson New Mexico Territory During the Civil War: Wallen and Evans inspection reports, 1862-1863. 2008.

Tejanos in Gray_120x80.jpg Tejanos in Gray: Civil War Letters of Captains Joseph Rafael de La Garza and Manuel Yturri. 2011.

a_civil_war_history_of_the_new_mexico_volunteers_militia_93x120.jpg A Civil War History of the New Mexico Volunteers & Militia. 2015.

Tejano Tiger-Thompson Tejano Tiger: José de los Santos Benavides and the Texas-Mexico borderlands, 1823-1891. 2017.

thompson laredo pic 93x120.jpg Laredo: a Pictorial History. (Expanded 3rd printing.) 2017.

Wrecked Lives Thompson Wrecked lives and lost souls : Joe Lynch Davis and the last of the Oklahoma outlaws. 2019.