Posted: 11/16/95

TAMIU Launches Home Page Presence on World Wide Web



Texas A&M International University will open an electronic window to the world Nov. 5 as it launches its Home Page presence on the World Wide Web, the global computer network that traverses the Internet information super-highway.

As part of its week-long Phase I Dedication and 25th Anniversary Celebration of TAMIU, the University will inaugurate its Home Page with the dedication of the J. A. Kawas Computer Laboratory following the Kick-Off Ceremony which begins at 4 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 5.

"TAMIU is the University of our future. Information access utilizing the information super-highway is now considered the emerging standard. When we were developing our new four-year University, we planned to make that emerging standard our daily standard. Through the Internet, information seekers around the world will be able to visit our Home Page and learn about TAMIU, its programs, its faculty and its students," Dr. Sayavedra explained.

And who has helped to open that window?

Graduate TAMIU computer information systems students researched and designed the Home Page prototype as part of their class assignment for CIS 5350, System Analysis and Design, as supervised by Dr. Stephen E. Lunce, CCP, TAMIU Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems.

"I can think of no better testimony to the application of cutting-edge teaching and learning than the synthesis and creation of this dynamic new information medium for TAMIU. This is an important tool for the future and we are proud of our students. We will continue to carry their prototype forward with ongoing development and expansion," Dr. Sayavedra said.

Dr. Lunce, who supervised the students' efforts, said he too is impressed with the students' pioneering effort.

"The student members of this team have done a professional job comparable with that of paid consultants who charge in excess of $25,000 for such software development. All told they have logged in excess of 1500 development hours on this outstanding project," he explained.

Lunce noted that over 700 U.S. universities have Home Pages on the World Wide Web. They have become a critical part of communication among faculty, researchers and students across the nation and around the world, he said.

The TAMIU Home Page Student Development team was headed by Carlos Santillan. Student members included Richard Rendon, Suratin Tunyaplin, Christina Rodriguez, Gabriel Escamilla, Michael Castillo, Gregorio Ortiz, Frank Ramirez, Martha Rangel, Samuel Reza and Dr. Firooz Khosraviyiani.

A University-wide committee comprised of faculty, administration, computer and telecommunications services staff headed by Lakshmana Viswanath, and staff representatives provided the students with valuable insight in the development of the TAMIU Home Page. The Committee provided the richness of data required to complete such a complex development, Lunce said.

Members of the Committee included Dr. Edward Willman, Dr. Juan Lira, Dr. Lisa Fry-O'Brien, Steve Harmon, Baldomero Garcia, Dr. Michael Landeck, Dr. Gary Masters, Dion Dennis, Conchita Hickey, Ricardo Tijerina, Dr.Janet Black, Dr. Julio Madrigal, Angie Flores, Gabriella Cabello and Paula Quenoy.

The TAMIU Home Page is organized into a user-friendly hierarchy of information. Once accessed, users can browse through a variety of information resources, branching into additional areas as their interests change. Changing locations within the HomePage is as easy as a "point and click" of the mouse.

For example, TAMIU Home Page visitors could read the University's history, follow a map to the University's new campus, learn about its degree programs, request an undergraduate or graduate application or read about research efforts of faculty.

They could determine financial aid availability, see a Master Calendar of University events, read news and information about the University, tour the library floor by floor, meet faculty members and post electronic mail (E-mail) to members of the University community. Additional links can take visitors to the University's research initiatives such as the Office for US-Mexico Relations, Border Trade Institute or Center for the Study of Western Hemispheric Trade. Links to other information sites on other Home Pages such as that of The Texas A&M University System, and others are also possible.

After the official launching of the Home Page, visitors and participants in the Sunday Kick-Off celebration will have a hands-on opportunity to navigate the TAMIU Home Page in the University's computer labs. The student design team will act as electronic tour guides for the University's Home Page for visitors.

For additional information on TAMIU's Home Page on the World Wide Web, please contact the TAMIU Office of Public Affairs and Information Services at (210) - 326 - 2180.

TAMIU office hours are from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday.