Posted: 11/23/95

TAMIU Mentor Program Helped By Community Participation



Over 50 community members are participating in a pilot program at Texas A&M International University that allows TAMIU students an opportunity to explore career options.

The Mentor Program, a new offering from TAMIU's Office of Career Planning and Placement, pairs students interested in a particular career or educational study with community members from their interest areas.

Students spend one-half day a month throughout the semester with a mentor, observing or 'shadowing' their mentor, said Career Planning and Placement Director Sujatha Clemons.

The pilot program includes various fields ranging from computer analysis, oil-gas exploration and newspaper publishing to orthodontics and insurance, just to name a few.

"We have been most encouraged by the number and diversity of fields represented by our community participants. Their enthusiasm and commitment to helping the next generation of community leaders explore their career and educational options is indeed commendable," Clemons said.

Mentor participants include: JoAnne Balzar, of Laredo Community College, paired with TAMIU student Amy Salinas; David Goldsmith, Anzon, Inc., Juan Lara; Yvonne S. Gutierrez, J.W Nixon High School, Juan Lara; Ed Ramirez, Jr., Real Estate Investments, Marco Perez; Leonardo Lopez, Anzon, Inc., Marco Perez; Alberto Rojas, Rojas Forwarding Co., Inc., Nadia Plascencia; Phil Ochoa, Real Estate/Television, Nadia Plascencia; Paul Bridges, Anzon, Daniel Garcia; Edward C. Sherwood, ITT Automotive, Irma Ramirez; A. Fidel Santos, Sanchez O'Brien Oil and Gas, Irma Ramirez.

Bill Green, Laredo Morning Times, Gladys Valadez; Jose Martinez, Jr., Laredo Morning Times, Gladys Valadez; Frank J. Escobedo, Laredo Morning Times, Ana Solis; Mark A. Linn, Laredo Morning Times, Margarita Loera; Sylvia Bruni, Laredo Independent School District, Jelixa Rodriguez; Jose Gonzalez, Jr., Dr. Manuel Gonzalez, Jr., Rebecca Carranco and Bertha Ortiz; Alfredo Trevino, M.D., Ophthalmology, Ma. Esther Gomez, Joanna Rodriguez, and Aurora Munoz; Starr Zolton, Westwind Development, Antonio De Llano; Walter Winters, Texas Mexican Railway, Nicolos Oscar.

Richard Gentry, Century Papers, Margarita Loera; Lorena Granados, St. Joseph's Psychiatric, Claudia Paez; Norman Speer, DDS, Orthodontics, Aurora Munoz and Margarita Colon; Dale A. Zuck, Mercy Regional Medical Center, Patrick Allred and Adriana Vasquez; Adolfo E. Gutierrez, Falcon National Bank, J.J. Gonzalez and Jean Louis Egremy; J. Clayton Baum, Baum and Mejia, CPA, Arnoldo Villalon and Fernando Alejandro Soto; Gerardo J. Mejia, Baum and Mejia, CPA, Valerie Tijerina; Lisa Rogerio, Paragon Cable, Valerie Tijerina; Jerry L. Hamblin, Vasquillas Ranch Co. LTD, Maria Trevino and Jean Louis Egremy; Rosanne Palacios, St. Augustine High School, Maria Trevino; Ricardo Santiago, Holiday Inn Civic Center, Monica Perez and Aide Flores; Blas A. Gibler Ruiz, Gibler and Associates, Elissa Llamas; Ron Whitehawk, Planning Consultant, Elissa Llamas; John Swope, Delredo, ITT Automotive, Judith Escamilla; Paul Russum, Jr., Autophone of Laredo, Enrique Galvez; Henri D. Kahn, Independent Insurance, Rafael Jimenez Jr.; George Royle Wright, Wright Realty Co., Judith Escamilla; Mario A. Pena, Associated Publishing Co., Maricela Campos; Rick Garza, The Stewart Co., Fernando Gonzalez; George Persons, Attorney, Cristello Garza; Dr. Michael Landeck, Texas A&M International University Business Professor, Maricela Campos; Ferdinand Gripal, Mercy Regional Medical Center, Irene Mendiola; Jaime Loera, Rheem Manufacturing Co., Abraham Zavala-Quinones; and Tami Summers, St. Augustine High School, Elisamar Soto and Kimberly Luera.

Other mentors participating in the program include James E. Moore, Mejia Engineering; David P. Lares, Anzon, Inc.; J. Enrique Lira, Anzon, Inc.; David Leyendecker, David Martinez and Associates; Richard J. Szpond, Fabex Laredo Distribution; Robert DeVautour, W.W. Rowland Trucking; Zaragoza Solis III, Texas Mexican Railway; Thomas Rodriguez, Laredo Utilities Department; and Lester Powell, Powell Construction Co.

For more information on the Mentor Program at TAMIU, contact the University's Office of Career Planning and Placement at 326-2260, or visit offices in Sue and Radcliffe Killam Library-Administration Building Room 157 West.

In addition to general TAMIU office hours, the Office of Career Planning and Placement is open Monday and Tuesday from 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

General TAMIU office hours are from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday.

This story by Oralia Roach.
15 November 1995