Posted: 11/23/95

TAMIU Student Organizations Enhance University Experience



Texas A&M International University students who wish to participate in student clubs have plenty to choose from. Nineteen student organizations for such diverse interests as biology, body building, accounting, and soccer have been chartered at TAMIU.

Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Stephen Brown believes involvement in one or more of the University's organizations can add an important dimension to a student's University experience.

"Involvement in a student organization is a way to balance one's life, meet new people, and develop interpersonal and leadership skills," said Dr. Brown.

Prospective employers often look at what students have accomplished and experienced outside of their course work, he added.

Student organizations at TAMIU include:

American Society of Transportation and Logistics, Inc. - serves as a source of information and guidance for students in the fields of transportation, logistics and physical distribution management. The club also serves as a liaison between the needs of the TAMIU academic community and those of the industry and its professionals in the Laredo and South Texas region. Faculty sponsor is Dr. Pedro Hurtado, Associate Professor of Logistics and Management.

Baptist Student Ministries - a ministry to college students designed to facilitate and enrich spiritual and individual growth. Activities include group Bible study, conferences, and mission trips. This organization is open to all students. Sponsors are Jock Peters and Toni English.

Biology Club (BiC) - acts as a link between biological studies and applications to the real world, promotes a better understanding of life through the coordination of extra-curricular activities and didactic learning. Membership is open to all TAMIU students. Faculty sponsors are Dr. Tom Vaughan, Associate Professor of Biology, and Dr. John Smith, Assistant Professor of Biology.

Criminal Justice Scholars Club - promotes the academic aspects of criminal justice, clarifies and makes distinct perceptions of both scholarly criminal justice law enforcement training in the University and regional communities, and enhances and supplements the instructional mission of TAMIU with extracurricular activities such as field trips and guest speakers. Faculty sponsors are Dr. Jeffrey Cass, Assistant Professor of English, and Dion Dennis, Visiting Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice.

International Business Association - fosters International Business and multi-cultural interaction through international and national conferences, field trips, and community service projects such as Adopt-a-Highway. Membership is open to any TAMIU student with three hours in Business course work. Faculty sponsor is Dr. Kamal Parhizgar, Associate Professor of Management.

International Students Association of Texas A&M International University - promotes the exchange of International cultures, stimulates and encourages social and intellectual activities, and narrows the gap between International and American students. Membership is open to all TAMIU students. Sponsor is David VerMilyea, Director of Student Development.

Physics/Astronomy Club (PAC) - acts as a link between academic physics and astronomy and the real world, promotes a better understanding of the physical world through the coordination of extra-curricular activities and didactic learning. Faculty sponsor is Dr. Michael Roth, Assistant Professor of Physics.

Political Science Association - sponsors, promotes, and participates in social and educational activities which foster knowledge of the political world. Faculty sponsor is Dr. Aaron Knight, Assistant Professor of Political Science.

Rainbow Education Association of Laredo (REAL) - promotes a better understanding of all aspects of education, fosters community service, and encourages cohesiveness among future educators through the exploration of new educational techniques and tools. Membership is open to education majors and students interested in educational issues. Faculty sponsor is Dr. Randel Brown, Associate Professor of Education.

Sigma Tau Delta - promotes the love of literature through activities including movie nights, guest speakers, and trips to conferences and cultural events. Membership is open to all TAMIU students. Faculty sponsors are Dr. Fiona Neundorf, Assistant Professor of English, Dr. Malcolm Patterson, Assistant Professor of Spanish, and Dr. Loren Quiring, Assistant Professor of English.

Sociology/Psychology Club - promotes and advances the cultural and educational activities of interest to members and the community; promotes an awareness of local community needs by visiting local facilities. The Club participates in the annual Interdisciplinary Social Science Conference. Membership is open to any TAMIU student who is majoring in Sociology or Psychology or who demonstrates a serious interest in Sociology or Psychology. Faculty sponsor is Dr. Marjorie Coppock, Assistant Professor of Sociology.

Student Government Association - elected student member body responsible for representing the interests of the student body to the administration and to the entire University community. The Student Government conducts programs that are of service to students including student elections, voter registration, and conferences. Advisors are David VerMilyea, Director of Student Development, and Dr. Stephen Brown, Dean of Student Affairs.

Student Systems Group (SSG) - links the academic and business world through affiliations with professional information resource management associations. SSG provides speakers, tours, and projects to better inform members of the systems' function as a component of effective management. TAMIU students and community members interested in information systems and computer-based systems may join the organization. Faculty sponsor is Dr. Stephen Lunce, Assistant Professor of Information Systems.

Taller Literario de la Cultura Hispana - promotes the love of Hispanic and Latin literature through discussions, readings, and lectures. TAMIU students and community members who have a love of the Spanish language and Hispanic and Latin literature may join this club. Faculty sponsors are Dr. Ray Keck, Associate Professor of Spanish, and Dr. Malcolm Patterson, Assistant Professor of Spanish.

TAMIU Barbell Club - assists members in setting reasonable training goals, training correctly, developing a healthy lifestyle, and reaching their individual objectives. Workouts are scheduled three times a week. Those who wish to compete on local, state, or international levels may form Bodybuilding and Strength teams. The club is open to all TAMIU students. Faculty sponsor is Dr. Malcolm Patterson, Assistant Professor of Spanish.

TAMIU Marketing Associates - a student chapter of the American Marketing Association. Activities include speakers, community service activities, and participation in regional and national conferences. Membership is open to TAMIU students and alumni, and community members who are interested in marketing. Faculty sponsor is Paul Herbig, Assistant Professor of Marketing.

TAMIU Soccer Club - weekly practices to improve agility and coordination. The Soccer Club has many levels of ability so that members continuously challenge themselves. Activities, trips, tournaments, and community service events are planned. Membership is open to any TAMIU student, male or female, interested in playing soccer. Faculty sponsors are Dr. Balasundram Maniam, Associate Professor of Finance, and Dr. Malcolm Patterson, Assistant Professor of Spanish.

TAMIU Student Accounting Society - promotes professional development activities for accounting students and business students interested in accounting. Past activities include field trips to New Orleans and Las Vegas. Undergraduates or graduates enrolled in TAMIU's College of Business Administration may become active members. TAMIU graduates who were past members may become alumni members. Faculty sponsor is Dr. Jacqueline Power, Assistant Professor of Accounting.

TAMIU Student Ambassadors - student volunteers assisting with the recruitment, orientation, and retention of students to TAMIU, and representing the student perspective of University life to prospective and new TAMIU students. This organization is open to any TAMIU student. Sponsors are Ricardo Ortegon, Associate Director for Enrollment Management and School Relations, and Paula Quenoy, Associate Director for Career Planning and Placement.

For more information on any of the student clubs at Texas A&M International University, please contact the TAMIU Office of Student Development at 326-2280, or visit offices at the Sue and Radcliffe Killam Library-Administration Building Room 159 West.

Office hours are 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, and 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday.

This story by Oralia Roach.

1 November 1995