Posted: 8/19/04

TAMIU adds 29 New Faculty Members for Fall 2004



Texas A&M International University will see the addition of 29 new members of the faculty with the start of its Fall Semester Aug. 25.

Recruited from around the world, they will help the University to continue to realize its higher education mission.

New faculty members and their respective Colleges are below.


Dr. Eric Albrecht, assistant professor of biology - Dr. Albrecht received his Ph.D. from Wayne State University, Michigan, and has been with the University of Michigan through a postdoctoral fellowship since 2000.

Dr. Ellen Barker, associate professor and director of composition - Dr. Barker received her Ph.D. from Georgia State University. She has been teaching at Georgia Perimeter College and Shorter College.

David L. Beck, visiting assistant professor of microbiology, is completing his dissertation from the University of Virginia. Prior to joining TAMIU, he was an adjunct professor at Piedmont Virginia Community College.

Dr. Craig A. Bowe, assistant professor of chemistry - Since receiving his Ph.D. from University of South Florida, Dr. Bowe has been a visiting professor at Saint Leo University.

Elia Eliza Davila, instructor of social work - Received her Master of Social Work from Our Lady of the Lake University and has been working at Mercy Health Center (now Laredo Medical Center), as well as serving as an adjunct professor at TAMIU.

Dr. Stephen M. Duffy, assistant professor of history - Dr. Duffy received his Ph.D. from Texas A&M University and has been teaching at the University of Arkansas since 1997.

Rodolfo Martín González-Chapa, visiting assistant professor of Spanish - González-Chapa is currently completing his dissertation from the University of Houston and has been a bilingual teacher for A.T. Dovalina Elementary School here in Laredo.

Boris Hellmann, visiting assistant professor of communication is completing his dissertation from University at Buffalo, The State University of New York. He has worked in Vienna, Austria and Croatia.

Dr. Hari D. Mandal, assistant professor of chemistry, received his Ph.D. from Texas Tech University and has worked as an instructor at Laredo Community College.

Dr. Mazias de Oliveira, assistant professor of music - He received his Doctorate of Music Arts from Indiana University and has done post-doctorate studies there as well. Recently, he has taught at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Dr. Chihiro Oshima, assistant professor of mathematics, received his Ph.D. from The University of Iowa. Prior to joining TAMIU, he was a teaching assistant at The University of Iowa.

Gilberto Salinas, instructor of psychology, is pursuing a Ph.D. from St. Mary's University, and has been adjunct professor at TAMIU as well as program director for Serving Children and Adolescents in Need, Inc., in Laredo.

Claudia Edith San Miguel, visiting assistant professor of criminal justice - She is currently completing her dissertation at Sam Houston State University and has been a doctoral research fellow and doctoral teaching assistant there.

Dr. Joshua Stevenson, assistant professor of biology, received his Ph.D. from University of Texas at Austin and has been conducting post-doctoral research at University of California at Davis.

Timothy H. Van Beke, visiting assistant professor of art, received his MFA from Louisiana State University and has been a visiting assistant professor of sculpture at Southeastern Louisiana University.

In addition, two visiting professors have now become faculty members at TAMIU.

Alma Rosamond Haertlein, assistant professor of studio art, received her MFA from University of Texas San Antonio, and before teaching at TAMIU, was an art instructor at Victoria College.

Dr. Michael John Stone, assistant professor of music and director of bands, received his Doctorate of Music Arts from Central Pacific University and before coming to TAMIU was the director of orchestral activities at University of Texas Brownsville.


Andre L. Araujo, assistant professor of management information systems - He is currently completing his Ph.D. from the University of Oklahoma-Norman. Prior to joining TAMIU, he taught at the University of Oklahoma.

Dr. Frank Collins, Radcliffe Killam Distinguished Professor - Dr. Collins holds his Ph.D. from the University of Houston. Prior to joining TAMIU, he was a faculty member at Schreiner University in Kerrville. He was also Coopers & Lybrand Professor Emeritus at the University of Miami.

Ibrahim Mescioglu, visiting assistant professor of information Systems -- He is currently completing his Ph.D. in MIS at the University of Texas at Dallas and, before joining TAMIU, was an instructor at UT-Dallas and Bilkent University.

Dr. Andrés E. Rivas-Chávez, visiting assistant professor of economics and finance - Dr. Rivas-Chávez holds his Ph.D. from the University of Texas-Pan American. Prior to joining the University, he was a lecturer at the University of Texas Brownsville and UT-Pan American.

Dr. Jacky Yuk-chow So, Dean, College of Business Administration and professor of finance - Dr. So holds his Ph.D. from The Ohio State University. Prior to joining TAMIU, he was professor of finance at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville.

Dr. Richard R. Tansey, associate professor marketing - Dr. Tansey holds his Ph.D. from the University of Houston (UH). Prior to joining TAMIU, he was a faculty member at the Sultan Qaboos University in Muscat, Oman; Hong Kong Baptist University, the University of Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia and the University of Alaska-Fairbanks, among others.


Dr. Louise Amana Autio, associate professor of nursing, received her Ph.D. from Texas Woman's University and has been an associate professor at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, School of Nursing and Health Sciences as well as a consultant to develop the nursing graduate program at TAMIU.


Dr. San Juanita G. Hachar, assistant professor of special populations - Dr. Hachar holds her education doctorate from Texas A&M University-Kingsville. Prior to joining TAMIU, she was state compensatory education compliance officer for United Independent School District and an adjunct instructor of English as a Second Language at Laredo Community College.

Dr. Sukho Lee, assistant professor of kinesiology - Dr. Lee holds his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin. Prior to joining TAMIU, Lee was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

Dr. Mary A. Petron, assistant professor of curriculum and instruction - Dr. Petron holds her doctorate from the University of Texas-Austin. Prior to joining the University, she was a lecturer at UT-Austin, an instructor at Llano Grande Center for Research and Development and an associate faculty member at Arizona Western College.


Two new instructors at the International Language Institute have been added:

H. Lisa Gardner Flores received her M.A. in Sociology from TAMIU. Recently, she has been the director of Student Services at TAMIU and before that was director of the Department of Transitional Studies at Walla Walla Community College in Washington.

Cristine C. McMartin-Miller received her M.A. in Linguistics with an emphasis in teaching English as a second language from the University of Iowa. She has been an adjunct ESL Instructor at TAMIU and before that was an ESL Instructor at the University of Iowa.

For additional information, please contact the respective College at 326.2001.

Registration for the Fall semester at TAMIU continues through Tuesday, August 24. Classes start Wednesday, August 25. Thereafter, late registration with fees applied will continue through Tuesday, August 31.

For more information, please contact 326.2250.

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