Posted: 8/05/04

GIS Comes to TAMIU



Geographic Information System (GIS) services are the cutting edge of today's technology and Texas A&M International University is offering a new course this fall, Survey of Geographic Information Technologies.

The first half of the course will be taught from a geosciences perspective by Dr. Ken Tobin, assistant professor, while the second half will be taught from a social science perspective by Dr. Kimberly Folse, associate professor.

"GIS involves more than creating maps on a computer; it is an information system that has the potential to create knowledge. It combines map layers of information about a geographical place to provide a better understanding of that place. Which layers of information you combine depends on your purpose," said Dr. Folse.

According to Dr. Folse, occupations such as city planning can implement GIS to find the best location for a new building, non-profit organizations can target selected populations, police can view similar crimes in a city to detect patterns, and so on.

"It is certain this will be a necessary skill in the 21st century," added Dr. Folse, "As knowledge and skill in GIS is rapidly becoming indispensable in today's world, this course will be the first of what will ultimately become a minor."

Graduate students can enroll in this course through Special Studies in Sociology and the prerequisite courses in sociology will be waived.

Limited space is available. For more information, please call 326.2621 or e-mail kfolse@tamiu.edu.

(This story by Student Intern Rudy Zúñiga).


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