Posted: 12/23/10

TAMIU Mathematics Retreats Scheduled



A series of weekend retreats at Texas A&M International University will help Laredo area minority high school students build a stronger math foundation while preparing them for college.

The TAMIU Mathematics Weekend Retreats Spring 2011, designed for minority sophomore, junior, and senior students, will be held numerous times from January through April, said Dr. Hoonandara Goonatilake, TAMIU associate professor of mathematics.

“This project will assist selected students in their mathematics courses, thus enabling them to be successful in securing college entry, develop a more sophisticated understanding of their own study skills and strengths, and developing communities of peers,” said Dr. Goonatilake.

There will be a total of 10 weekend retreats in Spring 2011. Each retreat will accommodate around 25 students. Weekend retreats are tentatively planned for Jan. 15-16, Jan. 29-30, Feb. 12-13, Feb. 19-20, Feb. 26-27, march 5-6, March 12-13, March 26-27, April 9-10, and April 16-17. The sessions run from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday.

The deadline to apply for the retreat is Friday, Jan. 7, Goonatilake said. Applications can be downloaded from http: www.tamiu.edu/~bacnhak/STEMRRG/index3.html

Goonatilake explained that the retreats, partially supported by a U.S. Department of Education, STEM-RRG grant, will expose students to an adequate math foundation and will emphasize basic skills, critical thinking and problem solving capabilities required to be successful in college courses and beyond.

Students who participated in similar retreats during Spring and Summer 2010 have shown success in the THEA, SAT, ACT and AP Mathematics tests, he said.

“The enrichment activities will be conducted by experienced TAMIU faculty and certified teachers in area high schools who have been specially selected to serve the needs of this student population,” Goonatilake said, “We encourage any area minority student who would like to advance in their math skills to apply for this program.”

For more information, please e-mail Dr. Goonatilake at harag@tamiu.edu
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