Posted: 9/02/11

Senator Zaffirini Welcomes Students to TAMIU



This article is a transcription of an archived letter from Senator Judith Zaffirini addressed to Texas A&M International University freshmen. To view the letter, click the button below.

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August 31, 2011 


Dear Students: 

Bienvenidos to Texas A&M International University and to the start of your higher education career. The next four years should be the most rewarding, challenging, and enriching years of your life. As you work and study harder than ever, face challenges from your professors and your peers, make new friends, and embark upon new experiences, you will not make this journey alone. You will enjoy the support not only of family and friends, but also of faculty and staff of A&M International.

We challenge you to dedicate yourselves to excellence. The key to success is to set lofty goals and to prioritize reaching them. Count on us to help you stay focused on what’s important and why you are here—your higher education.

Welcome to Texas A&M International University.

Very truly yours,

Judith Zaffirini

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