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Two TAMIU Programs Ranked in Nation’s Top 15 for Affordability Posted: 2/11/16

Two TAMIU Programs Ranked in Nation’s Top 15 for Affordability


Ranking Badge for TAMIU Programs
Two TAMIU Programs are ranked among the nation's Top 15 Most Affordable Bachelor's degrees.  

Two Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) programs are ranked among the Top 15 Most Affordable Bachelor’s degrees in the nation according to Affordable Schools, a leading online education resource. 

TAMIU’s Bachelor’s of Business Administration (BBA) with a concentration in Finance was ranked second in the nation.  The University’s Bachelor’s of Arts in English was ranked seventh in the nation.

Of the TAMIU BBA, authors note it can prepare students to become budget, credit, or financial analysts; investment bankers; loan officers or underwriters; or financial consultants, managers, or planners.

Of the BA in English, Affordable Schools notes TAMIU offers four English-related Bachelor’s program options that can prepare students for careers in advertising, broadcasting, content marketing, corporate training, motivational speaking or for teaching; or for advanced studies in law, public administration, or social work.  

The ranking also notes the availability of a combined BA/ MA, the BA in Multidisciplinary Studies and three 18-hour minors in Creative Writing; English; and Writing and Rhetoric.

The rankings provide additional information on cost, graduation rate, housing and notes that assigns an A+ Cost of Living Score.

Affordable Schools says its rankings are designed to help helps adults of all ages and backgrounds obtain a high quality education while avoiding huge college costs and substantial college debt.

To view the BBA ranking, go to:

To view the BA English ranking, go to: 

For more information on the BBA Program go to: , call Maggie Blasco at 956.326.2483 or email

For information on the BA in English, visit: , call Dr. Stephen Duffy at 956.326.2543 or

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