Posted: 3/30/16

2016 TAMIU LBV Academic Conference Winners Announced


Lamar Bruni Vergara Planetarium
TAMIU's premier Academic Conference is supported by the Lamar Bruni Vergara Trust.  

Students at Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) shared their research results at the 2016 TAMIU Lamar Bruni Vergara Academic Conference earlier this month. Graduate and undergraduate students presented at the University’s premier annual academic conference that provides all students an opportunity to present original scholarly research, art, and performances to the community. 

Grand Prize winner for Graduate Students was Jonathan Briseño.

Grand Prize winner for Undergraduate Students was Yamira Varela Guardiana. 

Graduate winners and their categories were:

Arts and Humanities and Communications: first place, Jesus Gonzalez; second place, David Santos and third place, Ray Gonzales.

Biology and Chemistry: first place, Tanya Garza; second place, Christopher Rosales; third place, Elester Williams and Ileana Alvarado. 

Business: first place, Nikhitga Ommi and Kartheek Srungaram; second place, Mohan Krishna Gangarapu, Chaitanya Tangellamudi and Parvateesh Gulti;  third place, Roberta Marlett and Ashley Miles.

Education: first place, Lourdes Ornelas and Alma Vela.

Engineering, Math and Physics: first place, Jamil Villarreal; second place, Hong Song Feng and third place, Stephanie Gonzalez and Alejandra Macias.

Social and Behavioral Sciences: first place, Jonathan Briseño; second place, Andrea Almaguer and third place, Cihtlalli Perez.


Undergraduate winners and their categories are: 

Arts, Humanities and Communications: first place, Yamira Varela Guardiana;  second place, Esteban Vargas; third place, Alejandra Olivares.

Biology and Chemistry: first place, Guillermo Romero;  second place, Elizabeth Green; third place, Brian García. 

Business: first place, Gabriel Gil. 

Education: first place, Juan Vega; second place, Gabriela Berlanga; third place, Stephanie Garay and Alyssa Fuentes. 

Engineering, Math and Physics: first place, Brian S. Cardenas and Rafael Colunga; second place, Andres Aranguen, Yesnia Escobedo, Ronald Tadoum; third place, Karla González, Robert Domínguez, Eduardo García, Jesús Adame, Michael González, Alejandra Mendez, Roberto Gallegos and Hector Moreno, Roger Hernández, Raquel Yañez, Jorge González, Leon Herrera Monjaraz, José Ledesma and Marisol Rodríguez. 

Nursing: first, Alejandra Landa; second, Claudia Serna; third, Rosemary Sada. 

Social and Behavioral Sciences: first, Seven Flores; second, Seven Flores; third, Daniel Rodríguez and Martha Lerma.

For more information, call Zoila Franco-Hinojosa, research administrator for the Office of Graduate Studies and Research, at 326.3025, email zoila.francoh@tamiu.edu or visit offices located in the Sue and Radcliffe Killam Library, room 326.