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A Student-Curated Guide to Killam Library Databases Posted: 4/27/16

A Student-Curated Guide to Killam Library Databases


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The Killam Library is home to Databases that can help.  

Every day, dozens of students suffer from information overload. Thankfully, the Sue and Radcliffe Killam library provides access to some impressive databases with information that matters. This student-curated list identifies information that benefits students most. Click away, and let these incredible databases help speed up your academic research and empowerment!

Ambrose Video_Logo

This database is available to all students. Login through your TAMIU account to get instant access to over 1200 video clips and informational programs (500 of which are college-level). This service is great for the student wanting to take a break from reading. Let Ambrose Digital be your streaming BFF.

EBSCO Host Logo

Biographies, editorials, abstracts, book excerpts, letters, poems, and more are available at the tip of your fingers in Applied Science and Technology Source. Access to ASTS is provided to all TAMIU students.

Art Source includes more than 210 full-text journals not previously available in any database. It even includes periodicals published in French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Dutch. To find out more, click on the link below.

Choose from aerospace, biomedical, mechanical, electrical, and even software engineering topics that will help you become the next [insert famous engineer here].
You are sure to find something within the 3,000 plus publications including monographs, journals, and magazines within Engineering Source. Ideal for all levels of engineering.

P.s. Sorry about not having a class with that epic name.

More than 1,100 full-text journals on over 2 million records including book reviews and case studies, and more than 300 law reviews (check, check, and check!). This is not a dream, pre-law students! This is Legal Source. Want more? You’ll be delighted to find this database has an international agenda with access to international scholarly articles, periodicals, jurisdictional surveys, and court decisions.

This database provides an easy-to-use interface and powerful face functionality. Discover topics and subjects including, but not limited to biomedicine, pre-clinical sciences, behavioral sciences, and bioengineering. Take advantage of the top-tier biomedical and health journals offered exclusively through MEDline Complete! Also, maybe this database helps you make sense of all the medical Grey’s Anatomy jargon (just saying).

Your sociologist’s heart will find what it needs within SocIndex with Full Text’s 2.5 million records. With nearly 900 full-text journals and magazines, all your sociology dreams come. It also contains 850 full-text books and monographs, dozens of dissertations, conference proceedings and working papers, as well as abstracts from more than 1,500 core coverage journals. Available to all TAMIU students, and Sociology majors, of course.

Docuseek2 Logo

If this describes you, then most definitely visit Docuseek2. This service provides content from Bullfrog Films, Collective Eye Films, and Icarus Films, to name a few. It is an exclusive educational streaming service available to all TAMIU students and alumni. It contains over 800 titles of academic streaming, and allows you to curate a list of your own, for titles that you may find interesting.

Education Week Logo

Education Week Online includes blogs, videos, galleries, and a discussion and opinions forum. It even allows you to browse jobs within the education field! Consider this your guide to becoming an education professional. It’s never a bad thing to be informed. You’re welcome!

Mango Languages Database Logo

This service is proud to have an amazing group of people from all over the globe sharing their linguistic expertise with individuals, libraries, schools, and corporations. Are you a literature major?  Perfect! Because thou can learneth to speaketh (and understandeth) Shakespearean English! This experience is accessible by all TAMIU students, faculty, and staff. Our TAMIU Mango Languages subscription offers feature-length movies for select languages with aids to help with the culture and language of the film.

Overdrive Library Database

This amazing database contains over 2 million eBooks, audiobooks, and videos. Whether you’re looking for a biography, children’s book, business, romance, suspense, or vampire-slaying-zombie-hunting-cast-spelling novellas, you’re sure to find something that appeals to your inner bookworm. Browse the dozens of new collections, or just pick a title based on your favorite genre, because Overdrive even recommends titles based on your picks. Fortunately for TAMIU alumni and students, you can borrow up to 10 titles at a time. (Inner bookworm proceeds to do THE worm).

Statista Database Logo

Statista allows you to download your creation to most widely used formats (PNG, XLS, and PPT).   Make cosmetic changes to the format in order to suit your needs (for your killer presentation)! Every data entry is monitored carefully, so as to keep academically in check. This database is available to all TAMIU students and alumni.

This curated database feature created, researched, and written by Sarahi Lopez, Student Intern for Spring 2016 in the TAMIU Office of Public Relations, Marketing, and Information Services.
It represents partial fulfillment of her internship experience here.

For more information on the selected list of new databases, please contact Rogelio Hinojosa, Associate Acquisitions Librarian at 956.326.2123 or email If you have any further questions, visit the Sue & Radcliffe Killam Library, visit online or call 956-326-2400.