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TAMIU Offers New MS in Applied Statistics Track Posted: 8/18/16

TAMIU Offers New MS in Applied Statistics Track


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Careers in applied statistics are fast emerging in almost every area of business and industry.  

Consider investing in your career this Fall 2016 with a new degree from Texas A&M International University, a Master of Science in Mathematics-Applied Statistics track.

Careers in applied statistics are fast emerging in almost every area of business and industry, such as banking, insurance, finance and retail sales, and in healthcare, entertainment, sports, government and nonprofit organizations.

“The MS in Mathematics-Applied Statistics track degree is a truly rewarding program. On a national basis, the average starting salary for a data analyst, a typical job offer for many applied statistics majors, is $65,000 a year. With the rapidly increasing needs for dealing with Big Data, it is not uncommon to see a yearly salary of $80,000+ for MS-Applied Statistics track graduates,” said Dr. Rohitha Goonatilake, chair and professor of mathematics, College of Arts and Sciences, department of Mathematics and Physics.

He added that technological advances will allow data processing to become more efficient and less expensive, making the analysis of relevant large data sets—Big Data—possible.           

“The new techniques learned from the carefully designed courses will involve the capture, preservation, storage, transfer, analysis and visualization of data,” said Dr. Goonatilake.

 The courses will also prepare graduate students to become mathematics and statistics college instructors.

“Although the current jobs and salaries of mathematics majors can be further boosted, an MS within applied statistics may offer more job opportunities,” said Goonatilake.

“Skilled professionals, such as applied statisticians, would be able to analyze and interpret data to facilitate and inform effective decision-making processes that are presently in great demand. An analyst is often an adept statistical programmer as well, customizing existing approaches to solve a particular problem,” he explained.

“The MS in Mathematics-Applied Statistics track degree is a truly rewarding program,” Goonatilake concluded.

Registration is underway through Aug. 25 at Fall 2016 classes start Tuesday.

For more information, contact Michelle Gonzalez, TAMIU graduate admissions counselor, or Dr. Runchang Lin, associate professor of mathematics and graduate faculty advisor, at

University office hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Additional information is also available at and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.