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University’s Website has New Look, Expanded Role Posted: 8/04/16

University’s Website has New Look, Expanded Role


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This Fall, Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) looks quite different…on the web, that is.  Over the summer the University’s website, was redesigned and launched anew.

 “Our website is our single most powerful communication tool,” explained TAMIU director of Public Relations, Marketing and Information Services, Steve Harmon.  “Its reach is both global and local, and it’s available 24/7.  Its content can be optimized for key audiences and provides University bonding, branding and a sense of immediacy not available with our other communication platforms,” Harmon said, “As such, we want it to be the most effective tool we have to reach out to current, future and former students and University partners.” 

He noted that some of the distinguishing site features are the display of large format video and pictures, the paring down of text and dedicated use of a web-specific font for enhanced legibility, the utilization of site-specific, customized internal search capabilities, a dedicated digital news room, search engine optimization and the integrated use of the University’s designated social media.  He said the site aims to guide users to action and engagement through immersive, themed web experiences. 

“The site redesign now reflects a dedicated, externally-oriented site primarily targeting student inquiry, recruitment and outreach relationship building.  It is tightly focused on a user experience consistently responsive across multiple platforms, especially mobile devices. Navigation has been simplified and secondary pages are grouped for ease of use,” Harmon explained. 

He said the site redesign is the culmination of a series of progressive additions and resource allocations.  Key to this was the transition to a new content management system, and staff expansions in web, photography and videography. A Web Advisory Committee provides ongoing, crucial and valuable insight.  The redesign was completely internal and led by TAMIU’s award-winning director of web, Rory King, and Ana Maria Vargas, associate director of web. 

King also recognized the pivotal efforts of a broad University community of designated content managers who steer the site’s content, ensuring it remains current and consistent with established guidelines. 

“Our content managers, designated in each facet of the University’s service, are crucial to making sure that our content is relevant and accessible. Their partnership is key to our continued success,” King said. 

Harmon noted there’s no time to rest on laurels. 

“Of course, the task is never complete.  Now launched, the site will continue to be modified to improve user experience. User feedback is ongoing and eagerly reviewed.  The website will always be a virtual extension of the University and the experience we offer our students, graduates and partners,” he observed. 

For additional information, contact the Office of Public Relations, Marketing and Information Services at 956.326.2180, email or click on