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TAMIU Continuing Ed Offers ‘Yoga for Wellness’ Posted: 8/18/16

TAMIU Continuing Ed Offers ‘Yoga for Wellness’


Moving towards wellness, one pose at a time.  

A special yoga class focused on wellness, stress management and increased flexibility will be offered as part of a non-credit community course at Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) this Fall.

Longtime TAMIU faculty member Dr. Jyotsna Mukherji will lead the class, part of special community offerings by TAMIU’s Continuing Education program.  It is designed for teens to adults and offers yoga at a gentle pace. 

“This class focuses on a yoga practice that encompasses wellness, managing daily stress and gradually increasing flexibility,” Dr. Mukherji explained.

“This is an ideal class for starting your yoga journey and would be suitable for anyone interested in beginning a gradual path to bettered health and wellness. Those who may have experienced a change in lifestyle, including career switch or retirement, may find it especially helpful,” she added.

The class will meet Mondays and Wednesdays Aug. 22-31, Sept. 5-28, Oct. 3-26, and Nov. 7-30.  Fee is $60 for eight classes.

Class members should dress in comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat, available at local stores.

For more  registration information, room confirmation and to learn about other Continuing Education courses offered, contact the TAMIU Office of Continuing Education at 956.326.3067, email or click on