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TAMIU Faculty Member Presents Research Virtually at Dubai Conference Posted: 3/09/17

TAMIU Faculty Member Presents Research Virtually at Dubai Conference


Dr. Bernice Sanchez
Dr. Bernice Sanchez' research has traveled the world.  

A Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) faculty member presented her research agenda in a virtual online format for an international conference on Education held recently in Dubai, over 8,400 miles away.

Dr. Bernice Sanchez, TAMIU associate professor of Education, presented her research entitled, "Case Study: Pre-Service Teachers Characterization and Engagement Levels of Critical Reading,” focusing on critical reading and critical thinking in teacher preparation for Hispanic-serving campuses. The 2017 IAFOR International Conference on Education, titled, “Education for Change: East Meets West Innovation and Discovery,” was held in Dubai in February.

Dr. Sanchez’s research is focused on the perception that pre-service teachers must be critical readers and thinkers if they are to prepare future generations of students.

Critical reading and thinking skills are essential to the evolution of a well rounded individual who can interpret information, challenge evidence, and assess diverse arguments, Sanchez explained.

The exploratory case study attempts to examine pre-service teachers’ characterization of critical reading and explore their level of responses in their application and engagement of critical reading and thinking.

Her previous research over the years continues to build on the topics of the importance of critical reading and critical thinking, not only in academia, but also in response to today’s global society.

The IAFOR International Conference on Education encourages international, intercultural and interdisciplinary dialogue through global academic conferences, publications, and research. This conference, part of IAFOR’s global conference series on education, in its broadest sense brings together teachers, researchers and distinguished professors from around the world to share insights. 

For more information, please contact Sanchez at 956.326.2670, email or visit offices located in the Sue and Radcliffe Killam Library, 435B.

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