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Posted: 7/05/17

$256,000 Gift to TAMIU Powers Engineering Students’ Global Innovation


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ARM is the world's leading semiconductor IP company.  

A recent gift to Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) empowers students with an engineering advantage that can inspire the next generation of global innovators.

ARM, the world’s leading semiconductor IP company headquartered in Cambridge, England, provided education equipment and software valued in excess of $256,000 to TAMIU’s School of Engineering and the University’s Continuing Education program.

The gift includes the ARM® Embedded Systems Education Kit, with teaching materials, 100 floating licenses each of the ARM Keil® MDK Professional and DS-5 Software Development Tools, and five ARM Cortex®-M0+ based FRDM KL25Z hardware kits. 

TAMIU president, Dr. Pablo Arenaz, said the gift truly underscores the University’s international mission.

“We are excited to be the beneficiaries of this new partnership with ARM, a global business visionary, and anxious for our students to augment their classroom experience with these very powerful tools graciously provided by ARM,” Dr. Arenaz said. 

“TAMIU’s adoption of the ARM Embedded Systems Education Kit vindicates the use of real-life technology as an effective teaching aid,” said Dr. Sadanand Gulwadi, global manager of the ARM University Program, ARM. “Designed to enrich both the teaching and learning experience, we are confident that the teaching materials included in the Kit, along with the accompanying hardware and the embedded software development tools, will go a long way towards delivering the augmented classroom experience that TAMIU seeks,” Dr. Gulwadi noted. 

TAMIU assistant professor of engineering Dr. Tariq Tashtoush, said the donation had multiple uses and outreach implications for TAMIU students.

“This donation will be used for our Systems Engineering Senior Design Class, where we’ll be utilizing these embedded devices in our award-winning DustyTRON robotics projects. In addition, these parts will be utilized in undergraduate research related to industrial automation and robotics safety applications and a goal of developing publications co-authored with students,” Dr. Tashtoush explained.

He said the ARM Education Kit has real life application for students and can both stimulate and expedite solutions.

“These Kits provide the expected architecture for our digital world, including an updated microprocessor platform to program and create smart systems. This allows students to implement all of their course information and knowledge in a real life application, and simulate their solutions before physical implementation. This will save them time and effort while developing and debugging,” Tashtoush observed.

He said his summer engineering students are already using the Kits to better understand their capabilities and use them in the most efficient and effective ways.

“Once we have that strong understanding, we plan to implement these Kits and their programming software into workshops for middle and high school students that will be held here at TAMIU, in order to recruit and encourage local students to join us,” he observed.

The TAMIU students are also looking at ways of using the Kits for summer robotics programming camps for young children coordinated by the University’s Office of Continuing Education.

For more on TAMIU’s engineering program, contact Dr. Tashtoush at 956.326.2600 or visit offices in the TAMIU Lamar Bruni Vergara Science Center and Planetarium, room 323.

The University’s summer hours are from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Mon-Thurs and from 8 a.m. to 12 noon on Fridays.

For more on ARM, visit

For additional University information, visit, or follow the University’s social media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

ARM Students TAMIU
Students Roberto Ponce, Jose I. Segura and Anthony Martinez join Dr. Tashtoush in using the ARM gift.


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