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Laredo Phil Launches ‘Orchestral Families’ Musician Adoption Program Posted: 7/26/17

Laredo Phil Launches ‘Orchestral Families’ Musician Adoption Program


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The 38th Season of the Laredo Phil is coming!  

As the Laredo Phil readies for its 38th Concert Season, “Orchestral Families,” it has launched an aggressive fundraising effort focused on the “adoption” of Phil musicians to help ensure that the musical “families” within the Orchestra: Brass, Strings, Woodwinds and Percussion, continue their legacy of sound for Laredo.

Laredo Phil music director Brendan Townsend said the initiative will provide funding crucial to the Phil’s continuing performance schedule.

“Each Laredo Phil concert program requires various performer needs for the Orchestra, but we have a core group of 50 musicians that play in all concerts. Through our “Orchestral Families” Musician Adoption Program, we hope to get each of our core players ‘adopted’ by members of the community who affirm and support live music in Laredo,” Townsend explained.

According to Townsend, there are two funding levels available in the novel adoption program.

“To adopt a principal player such as a first chair violin, or first chair flute, we are asking $500.  To adopt a section member, such as a non-principal player, the adoption fee is  $200,” he explained.

Townsend said that for each musician adopted, the adopter’s name will be included in each of the program books alongside the name of the adopted musician. Donors will also receive a complimentary ticket to the Gala opening concert on Sunday, October 29, 2017. Adopted Musicians will be photographed along with their adoptive “parent” on the Red Carpet.

“We’ve been really excited by initial response to this new initiative, and thank those who have already partnered with us.  We encourage others to consider our Orchestral Families Musician Adoption Program,” Townsend concluded.

For additional information and online donation, visit the dedicated adoption site, which details the program and available “adoptions,” at

The 38th Season launches in October and will include four subscription concerts, each highlighting one of the four musical families within the Laredo Phil.

For more information on the Laredo Phil Season and tickets, go to https://www.thelaredophil.comphone: 956.326.3042, or email