Posted: 11/09/17

TAMIU Adjunct Faculty Member and “Martha” Gives Back


Tami Summers
Tami Summers  

A Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) University College adjunct faculty member and this year’s Martha Washington is channeling her philanthropy throughout her service as the nation’s honorable First Lady. 

Tami Summers, who will be seen throughout this year’s Washington’s Birthday Celebration, said the opportunity to give back follows an example set by her husband, Robert Summers, when he served as George Washington for the 2006 Celebration.

“We are lucky to have gracious and generous people in our lives, people who go out of their way to honor and celebrate us.  These particular people, the hosts, are giving, philanthropic, generous, community and civic-minded people.  We wanted to recognize their generosity to us in some way that benefits the general good…  So we selected causes that were close to our hearts.    Instead of giving the hosts a little trinket, we give them a heartfelt thank you, a big hug, and send a note and a check to the charities in their name.  It’s good all around,” said Summers. 

One of the beneficiaries is TAMIU’s recently dedicated Dusty’s Food Pantry, which is addressing food insecurity on campus by providing students access to good, nutritious food.  Others assisted by the Summers’ generosity include Casa de Misericordia, Volunteers Serving the Need, and Boys and Girls Club of Laredo.  

Summers noted that two other Washington’s Birthday Celebration personalities, Tim Shipton, portraying George Washington, and Blackstone Dilworth, named Mr. South Texas, are also following this model of shared philanthropy.

TAMIU vice president of Institutional Advancement, Rosanne Palacios, said the Summers’ example is philanthropy at its most inspiring.

“As we live our busy lives, we may not always see the potential to reach out and share our time or treasure with others.  What the Summers have done is really philanthropy at its most inspiring.  The University is fortunate to have her example for both our students and our community at large,” Palacios said.

For additional information, contact Palacios at 956.326.2178, email rosanne.palacios@tamiu.edu , or visit offices located in the Sue and Radcliffe Killam Library, Suite 262. For more about University giving, click on http://www.tamiu.edu/alumniandgiving.shtml