Posted: 11/02/17

TAMIU Now Offers Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies


Ula Klein and Kathryn Klein
Minor advisors: Dr. Ula Klein (left), coordinator and advisor for the minor and assistant professor of English and Dr. Kathryn Klein (right), visiting assistant professor of English, advisor for the minor.  

Learning how both men and women are affected by society’s expectations for them and other issues of femininity and masculinity are some of the topics students can expect to explore when they declare a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies at Texas A&M International University.

A new introductory class to Women’s and Gender Studies (WGST) starts Spring 2018.

The Minor is housed within the TAMIU College of Arts and Sciences, department of Humanities.

“To declare the minor, just go to the Office of the Registrar and tell them you’d like to do just that. Then sign up for the required introductory course, WGST 2301—“Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies”—or WGST 2302—“Introduction to LGBTQ Studies,” said Dr. Ula Klein, coordinator and advisor for the minor and assistant professor of English.

Dr. Kathryn Klein, visiting assistant professor of English, is also an advisor for the minor and will be teaching courses in the minor.

The WGST minor uses an interdisciplinary approach to the study of gender in culture and society as well as achievements by women in the arts, literature, sciences, and other human endeavors.

“The WGST minor will prepare TAMIU students to become future professionals, scholars, activists and artists who engage critically with women’s, gender and sexuality issues in multicultural and transnational contexts. The field of women’s and gender studies analyzes the world around us in terms of gender, focusing on issues that affect both men and women, as well as other gendered persons. Those issues affect all of us in both our professional and personal lives,” said Dr. Ula Klein.

Although WGST classes do not start until Spring 2018, students may have already taken qualifying electives for the minor.

“The WGST minor is very flexible! There are only two required courses, the intro course at the 2000 level and the capstone course, WGST 4399. The other four courses come from an interdisciplinary list of courses in Communication, Criminal Justice, English, History, Psychology and Sociology, in addition to advanced courses in Women’s and Gender Studies. Students should check the WGST minor in the TAMIU course catalog to find a list of qualifying courses,” explained Dr. Ula Klein.

Students can also sign up for the courses without declaring a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies, because the courses can be used for general elective credit.

“A minor in women’s and gender studies gives students a well-rounded understanding of contemporary issues regarding women, gender, sexuality, as well as how those topics relate to issues of class, race, ethnicity, nationality and disability. Sensitivity to such issues is crucial for future educators, law enforcement offices, business leaders, medical professionals, lawyers, politicians and many other professionals,” added Dr. Ula Klein.

Listen to them discuss the Minor in detail on the TAMIU Podcast espisode: soundcloud.com/txamiu/womens-and-gender-studies 

Registration for Spring 2018 starts Monday, Nov. 6.

For more information, contact Dr. Ula Klein at wgstminor@tamiu.edu, 326.2642 or 326.2470 or visit offices in Anthony J. and Georgia A. Pellegrino Hall 215C.

University office hours are 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday.

Additional information is available at tamiu.edu/coas/lla/WGSTMinor and at facebook.com/TAMIUWGST