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TAMIU Continues Upgrading Campus Outdoor Experience Posted: 1/29/18

TAMIU Continues Upgrading Campus Outdoor Experience


Globe at TAMIU Entrance

2018 at Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) will see the continuation of a focused effort to diversify the campus’ landscape and environment experience launched last year.

Trevor C. Liddle, TAMIU associate vice president for Administration, said additional projects help grow the campus and the experience it offers students and the community at large.

“In our efforts to continue to provide educational opportunities both in and out of the classroom, we are moving forward with projects that include new Student Center deck seating areas, rerouted traffic flow and parking, and the opportunity to teach environmental sustainability. 

“All of these efforts help us strengthen and diversify the campus and provide our community of people and precious wildlife a healthy and pleasant environment,” Liddle explained.

Future projects will include teaching gardens that feature plantings acclimatized to Laredo and can encourage the campus community and visitors to consider similar strategies in home or community gardens.

The campus offers one of the City’s largest fully managed green spaces, and TAMIU’s landscaping strives to offer contemplative spaces that extend its learning space beyond the classroom. Special attention has been dedicated to outdoor areas for the Kinesiology and Wellness Center, including porch and activity areas.

The 300-acre campus has become a favorite backdrop for wedding and quince photos and exercise enthusiasts who visit the campus for biking/walking/running.  It also regularly hosts running and walking events and is home to the University’s Wellness Program for employees, HealthyU.

“We are enormously proud of this campus and realize that the landscape and environment we create and maintain does much to elevate our campus and the experience we offer to students and our community.  It’s something we believe truly distinguishes this campus,” Liddle concluded.

The campus’ seen and little-seen environment is regularly featured in daily social media postings under hashtag, #tamiu365, which is dedicated to capturing the campus experience.

Additional information is available at and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


The campus grounds at TAMIU helps to distinguish and elevate the campus experience.
Careful attention to the campus grounds helps to distinguish and elevate the TAMIU campus experience.