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TAMIU Teacher Graduate Retention Exceeds State Report Finding Posted: 6/05/19

TAMIU Teacher Graduate Retention Exceeds State Report Finding


Dr. James O'Meara
Dr. James O'Meara  

A statewide report by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) on Texas teacher retention indicates that as many as a third of Texas teachers leave the classroom by their sixth year of teaching.  

That’s not the case for teachers prepared by Texas A&M International University (TAMIU).  The University’s Dean of the College of Education, Dr. James O’Meara,  said that 80% of TAMIU teacher graduates are still teaching 10 years later. 

“We’re enormously proud of our TAMIU teacher preparation programs. We prepare 100% of the traditionally trained teachers working in the schools within our 100-mile zone of impact (ZOI). These graduates lead efforts at ZOI schools that also exceed State benchmarks with respect to graduation rates, achievement levels on reading/math, and closing achievement gaps in reading/math performance,” Dr. O’Meara explained.

O’Meara said he credits the use of data analysis throughout the TAMIU teacher preparation program for the success and high retention rate of graduates.

“We use data to inform every step of the student experience from admission to graduation and on to teacher certification. Our use of data helps us increase success and completion levels among our teacher candidates. Our graduates are career educators who assume leadership roles in preparing local learners, ” he explained. 

He said this innovative usage has had measurable impact.

“Our College of Education exceeds State benchmarks in certification test pass rates (98%), principal satisfaction rating (81%), employment within one year of graduation (84%) and retention after five years (91%) – all strong predictors of success and teachers who will make a long contribution to our classrooms,” O’Meara observed.

He also noted that TAMIU, in combination with the other 11 education colleges in The Texas A&M University System, produces more fully certified teachers than any other university system in Texas.

“We’re proud of what we do, and the difference we make in South Texas. That’s why we’re a proud part of a State-wide campaign, ‘We Teach Texas,’ to help encourage more people to consider teaching careers.  With the significant advances made by the Legislature this year, we think many more will join this noble profession,” he said. 

Last month, the Texas Legislature approved a $6.5 billion plan to raise educational outcomes and pay for teachers, counselors, nurses and librarians.  O’Meara said he applauds the vision of the State’s Legislature and believes it will positively impact teachers and their retention. 

“For too long, teachers have not been compensated as the professionals that they are,” O’Meara said, “The Legislature’s leadership on this is an investment not only in that professionalism, but in the impact that these teachers have every day. Put simply, a teacher’s leadership touches everyone, impacting us all.” 

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