Posted: 11/14/19

TAMIU Continues Native American Heritage Month, Presents Mayan Archaeoastronomy Film Nov. 19


Florentine Codex

Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) presented enriching cultural and educational events during the month of November in celebration of Native American Heritage Month.

On Tuesday, Nov. 19 at 6:15 p.m. at the Lamar Bruni Vergara Planetarium, the University will present a film titled, “Mayan Archaeoastronomy: Observers of the Universe.”

The film presentation is free and open to the public and is the last of three events planned in observation of Native American Heritage Month.

The events, titled, “Diversity Dialogues,” are organized by TAMIU’s Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity in collaboration with the Intercultural Events and Education Committee.

Earlier this week, TAMIU Ballet Folklórico presented an Aztec Dance performance, followed by a reading of the “Florentine Codex,” featuring  Dr. Aaron Olivas, TAMIU assistant professor of History.

The “Florentine Codex” is a 16th Century ethnographic research study in Mesoamerica by the Spanish Franciscan friar Bernardino de Sahagún. In partnership with Nahua men who were formerly his students at the Colegio de Santa Cruz de Tlatelolco, Sahagún conducted research, organized evidence, wrote and edited his findings. It documents the culture, religious cosmology (worldview) and ritual practices, society, economics, and natural history of the Aztec people.

Sahagún worked on this project from 1545 until his death in 1590. The work consists of 2,400 pages organized into 12 books. More than 2,000 illustrations drawn by native artists provide vivid images of this era. The Codex is held in the Laurentian Library of Florence, Italy.

TAMIU also presented a film showing of “Ixcanul,” a 2015 Guatemalan drama film, a debut written and directed by Jayro Bustamante. It is set in a village built on the slopes of a volcano, where María and her parents cultivate coffee. She has been promised to the foreman of the plantation in an arranged marriage, but María is involved with a young man who wants to emigrate to the United States.

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