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TAMIU Art Majors Benefit from New Dolly Richter Watson Memorial Foundation Scholarship Posted: 12/04/19

TAMIU Art Majors Benefit from New Dolly Richter Watson Memorial Foundation Scholarship


Helen Richter Watson
Famed artist Helen Richter Watson  

The pursuit of an Art degree from Texas A&M International University’s (TAMIU) College of Arts and Sciences has been made possible by a new scholarship from the Trustees of the Dolly Richter Watson Memorial Foundation of Laredo.

Inaugural TAMIU student Scholarship recipients are Art majors Sandra Barcenas, Briana Cabrales, Jaime Gonzáles, Julian Martínez, Douglas Naudin, Isai Olivas, Pedro Plascencia, and Jennifer Ramos.

The renewable $40,000 gift expands on the Foundation’s giving legacy at TAMIU, explained TAMIU vice president for Institutional Advancement, Rosanne Palacios.

“The Foundation made possible our remarkable Helen Richter Watson Gallery in the Sue and Radcliffe Killam Library.  The Gallery opened in 2011 and has since become a popular site for contemplation and study of the works of Laredo’s most heralded ceramic artist and educator. Study in the Gallery is often a cornerstone of our students’ art education here and it is a popular site for all students and campus visitors,” Palacios noted.

Meeting the students at a Scholarship Announcement reception in their honor were Foundation Trustees, grandsons James K. Jones, Jr. and Jonathan Watson, and president  Julia Watson Jones.  Jones is  Dolly Richter Watson’s daughter and the late-Helen Richter Watson’s sister. Jones’ daughter, Elizabeth Jones Rubio, also attended.

Speaking for the Trustees, James K. Jones, Jr. said the Foundation is proud to be able to extend Dolly Richter Watson’s legacy.

“Our previous gift to the University provided a home for the broad spectrum of art by Dolly’s daughter, Helen Richter Watson, and included archives such as Helen’s teaching records and formulas for ceramics glazing, of special interest to Art students.  With this Foundation scholarship, we want to help further ensure that TAMIU Art majors can complete their degrees and share their Art gift  and career with others,” Jones  said.

TAMIU Art major Jaime Gonzales said he appreciates the support provided by the Foundation.

“ (It) makes me want to work harder to bring more of my ideas to life. This Scholarship will help me not have to worry about tuition so I can focus on using the money from it and the money I get from working to get supplies, travel, and try new methods of sculpting, drawing, etc.,” Gonzales explained.

For more information on the  Dolly Richter Watson Memorial Foundation Scholarship, contact the Office for Institutional Advancement at 956.326.2177, email Palacios at or click on

For more on the Helen Richter Watson Gallery at TAMIU, visit the dedicated web site at:

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For more on the University’s story, contact the TAMIU Office of Public Relations, Marketing and Information Services at 956.326.2180, email, click on or visit offices in the Sue and Radcliffe Killam Library, room 268.Dolly Richter Watson Memorial Foundation Scholarship Reception

Recipients of Art Scholarships

Dolly Richter Watson Memorial Foundation Scholarship Reception

Gathering to celebrate scholarships from the Dolly Richter Watson Memorial Foundation of Laredo are TAMIU student recipients and members of the Foundation and family.  Left to right are Rosanne Palacios, TAMIU vice president for Institutional Advancement, student Douglas Naudin, Foundation Trustee  James K. Jones, Jr.; student Jaime Gonzales, Foundation president Mrs. Julia Watson Jones; student Briana Cabrales, Foundation Trustee Jonathan Watson, student Julian Martínez, Elizabeth Jones Rubio and student Jennifer Ramos. Not pictured are student scholarship recipients Sandra Barcenas, Isai Olivas and Pedro Plascencia.


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